In a fix.

You know what I feel like now? I feel like I'm caught between going to Hawaii or to Maldives. (By the way, I’d choose both.)

Note: I’m using analogies, so you might not get me.

Hmm, actually it’s not exactly like that.

It’s more like having this huge magic rock on my shoulders but I’m not sure whether I should carry it with me. Well, you see this magic rock might be useful to me in my future adventures. But the bloody problem is that if I carry this magic rock with me, I might break my shoulders because it weighs like 10000 kg. I might even break my legs. If that happens, my adventures ends. I don’t think I can handle that because my life are these adventures. And I do have this person who said he’ll help me carry this rock at times. So, the burden isn’t that much, but I don’t really want to trouble him and depend on him too much. Hmm. I’m caught in a fix, obviously. The question now is whether I should decide to carry this rock or not.

Sighs. I wish I was a superwoman. Actually speaking of super powers, if I have a choice to have one superpower, I’ll choose to have the power to take something out from something. Haha, bet you’re lost. What I mean is that let’s say there is a picture of this Bebe dress in the magazine, I could use my power to take the picture and make it life size, like I can wear it too. What an awesome power right?

I think I need to grow up. I’m going to turn 18 this Friday. I can’t wait to see if I’ll turn into an adult when the clock strikes 12. Guess we’ll see then. And oh for my birthday, I want…. everything. Haha, if you know me, you’ll know what makes me happy.

Oh, I’ll like to apologize to youknowwhoyouare. I’m sorry that I had to poke your injured heart. :)

Quote David Archuleta - There's somethin' 'bout love that breaks your heart.

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