“I’m no doubt insufferable. I can be such a pain in the ass at times, but so can you.”

Today (the first half of it) officially sucks.

6.40 am: I woke up late with a bad hair fringe day.                                                                                               

7.10 am: I was late (after making Marmite and Nescafe coffee).                                                                             

7.15 am: I didn’t have time for my usual honey cornflakes with cold low fat fresh milk.

7.40 am: I realized I had spilt Marmite on my pants; it looked like as though I peed in pants.                                   

7.45 am: Tried to dry it with tissues, no luck. I am not ever going to use any other brand of thermos cup except Thermos. Other cups leaked.                                                                                                                              

8.10 am: Class starts. I can’t concentrate in class even with coffee.

11.00 am: Class ends. I feel like shit.                                                                                                                    

11.15 am: Tried to borrow a book at the self check-out counter in the library.                                                       

11.20 am: Still at the counter trying to remember my password. A library guy came and helped me reset my password.

11.22 am: Tried to read the book. Surprisingly, I lost interest in the book within minutes. So not like myself. I love books.

12.37 am: Back home. Starving myself even though my mom offered to make chicken sandwich toast for me.

Hmm, looking back, it kind of looks like as though I made my life shit for myself. I guess this is what makes me insufferable; like how I’ll never stop complaining how much my life sucks. And how much I like to grab my friend’s phone and start sending out random texts to his contacts. Or how I would bash some sweet status messages on my friend’s statuses. And how childish am I in front of you.

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