Me in SUC

Come to think of it, I'm a avid blogger but I don't recall ever blogging in details how life is in Sunway for me. I think this post here; When Innovation Meets CFAB Students is the closest thing I posted in details. I really like that post anyway.

IMG_0640 The iconic Sunway's (errr….) roundabout. It's a boring shot, I know.

For me, college life is an entirely different experience from my high school life. In high school, there are boundaries and what not. I'm not saying that college has no boundaries, it's just that in college you've got more freedom but it comes with responsibilties too. And I honestly feel that what makes college so much more fun (for me, at least) is the company there. Try coming to my class one day, then you'll see why. We even have our own very active group on Facebook. I've never been a person who is excited to go to class but now, I missed not going to class. Ironic.


Class starts on July 6th. Can’t wait. :)


But the first three months will be hell. We have to do do core ICAEW subjects in 3 months. Watch me jump down the building?

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