A new start. A new semester.

Somehow, today really felt like it was first day in college all over again except this time around I knew my classmates. I could still clearly remember the first day in college. Everyone was so quiet, it took us some time to warm up to each others but look at us now, we are no doubt a noisy bunch.

The first semester was a kind of like a mild rollercoaster ride, you know the ones where kids could still ride on. I had some good time and some not-so-okay time back then. But it wasn’t bad. Now, we have arrived to the second semester. I’d like to think of it as a clean slate, a chance to start anew.

The first thing I did before starting college was to get a whole new, tad drastic look. I thought, ‘Hey, it’s a new semester. Why not try something I have never did before in my entire life.’ So, I got myself a fringe. It should have been no biggie, it is just a fringe after all. But not for me; I never had fringe in my life. It is because my hair is actually curly making it quite impossible to have fringe.

And now, I do have fringe. [Don’t laugh. You have been warned.]


A whole different me, eh? My dad was one of the first ones to see me in my new hairstyle and he said I looked like a ‘lala’, my mom said it made me look so much younger; she didn’t quite like it but she didn’t hate it either, my sister just laughed her head off and said she didn’t recognized me.

Bottom line is they prefer the old hairstyle and I think they need some time getting used to me. For my friends, I guess some of them didn’t recognize me. But it definitely wasn’t as bad as I had imagined. Thanked God.

So, back to today. I had my first Law class with Miss Pushpa and I think I should be okay so far (it’s only the first class anyway). But I am worried for the first half of my semester, seeing the fact that I have to do two core ICAEW subjects in three months. I really have to juggle my time properly. Our study manuals itself can be used to whack someone’s head and I won’t be surprise if the person faints. I mean 'LOOK at IT’.


I honestly don’t know what was going through your mind then, but I’d like you to know that I had your bloody text in my mind the whole day. ‘Anything… Have a nice day.’ Just exactly who am I? Have you stopped caring enough about me already? I wonder if this is the start of you fool.  I  mused, could this be the start of something which might lead the unthinkable? Maybe I’m overreacting or maybe you’re not yourself when you typed that text out. I really don’t know and I really don’t like this. I just thought you should know this.

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