14th August 2010

I couldn’t think of an appropriate title simple because I did a lot of things on that day. I wanted to put ‘Super Awesome Day’ as the title but then I realized I haven’t been abusing the word a lot lately. But it’s only because these days are really awesome anyway. You can’t blame me for having awesome days, can you? See this is what I mean by abusing the word ‘awesome’.

Business Finance Test

I went to college rather early to study before the test, simple because I didn’t finish studying all 10 chapters; just like all the other previous tests for other subjects too. I do thank God for being able to pass all the tests with pretty okay results too. Anyway, I came in rather late into the computer room only to see my classmates Facebook-ing (updating statuses and liking oureach other statuses). The test was supposed to be loaded into the eLearn system at 9 am but until nearly 10 something, there still wasn’t any test. Hmm. There was another system error last week when we took our Law Progress Test; there wasn’t any results.

So, anyway after that; we were given the hard copy of the paper. The questions were not so bad, passable though I did have some questions that was familiar to me but I couldn’t answer because I didn’t read the chapters.

MOFEW, at Mid Valley


I have always been rather skeptical about buying clothes online despite how nice the pictures look like. Let’s face it; (although) I’m just an amateur photographer, even I know edited pictures may look nothing like the real thing. Oh, yes. That is what Photoshop can do. So, I thought what an opportunity this will be. Only to be disappointed by the obvious lack of space between the vendors; seeing the fact that it was held in the Exhibition Center. It wasn’t as crowded because I went there around 12ish. But even then, I found it difficult to see the items sold at each shop. The place in the shop could fit only like 2-3 people. You can say that I was put off by the lack of space. I think these things are better held in open spaces. Like a bazaar, which I have yet to go to one.

Lunch at McDonalds

You could probably say that I’m slow in trying out the new burger in McDonalds; but hey at least I did try it even if it did take me some time to do it. There wasn’t that much hype about it on TV, I actually don’t recall any adverts. But I heard from Cheok, who mentioned that it was good.



Oh, yea. It was so so good. When I was eating the burger, I was like ‘No way, am I eating a McDonald’s burger.’ So, yes, it tastes that good. Go try now!

Tekken, the movie

I have the game on my PSP; the reason why I play that game is only because that is the only game I have on my PSP. Pathetic, I know. But I’m not much of a gamer anyway. So, I wanted to watch the movie mainly cause I played the game and I wanted to see the characters like in real life.

Hahaha, I know it’s a battle-ish show. So not suitable for me, but the action scenes are actually pretty good. The moves were slick, quite entertaining. (Mind you, I am not sadistic.) Some parts were a teeny weeny bit mundane. But nevertheless, I did enjoy the show. And oh, I did regret not playing the story mode on PSP. The lead is actually quite cute.

2nd Lunch at Nando’s

I know this technically meant that I ate twice in a less than 6 hours. Well, so what. I break loose on other day, I’ll balance it on another day. Hmm, I don’t have much to say here except that the chicken in Nando’s doesn’t taste so good as it used to. Maybe last time when I was a kid, everything just tastes so good. Not now, obviously.

Levi’s Fit Festival


Kind of hard to believe that both the girls in the picture is the same person, huh? Haha. Anyway, when we were walking around the mall, I saw the Levi’s Fit Festival where they have their sales girls measuring you and finding your perfect jeans size; in my case I’m size 25. Levi’s came out with a new range which is the Curve ID range. Super skin tight jeans. Really nice cutting at a price of RM 229. You get a voucher too if you tried on their jeans. Too bad I couldn’t get it. My mom will start nagging on how many clothes I already have at home and how in other parts of the world children are freezing without clothes. So yea. I’ll get them one day.

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