According to Daniel Powter.

He sang, “Cause you had a bad day, you’re taking one down, you sing a sad song just to turn it around.

So I sang, “ Here comes goodbye, here comes the last time, here comes the start of every sleepless night.” Well, it is a sad song.


And guess what, my day didn’t turn around simply because I sang a sad song. So, Daniel Powter, can you sing about something more realistic? Jeez. Why am I picking on someone who absolutely oblivious to my existence in this world?

Sighs. It’s probably because I had three bad days; back to back. Trust me, I can’t ask more anything worse than this.


Bad Day #1 - 060910

I was to wake up around 6.50 am for college. Somehow, my alarm didn’t go off and I woke up at 7.10 am. 10 minutes before CJ was to arrive. Oh, hell yea. My hair was in a mess, I didn’t know what to wear; I didn’t know what to do first.

I skipped breakfast. Wore a simple deep purple collared top as it was ICAEW Toastmaster Club meeting with my layered skirt that I am very much in love with (which also happens to the closest formal thing I could find); those two paired with my lace espadrilles. So not a match, I know. And for this, I got verbally bashed from first Danny and then Reuben who both claimed that I wasn’t wearing formal enough.

Oh, screw that wear formal thing to the meeting. We’re not required to wear formal soon! Says who; says me! (Not just because I can but because we want people to come.)

Anyway, I passed my Law Mock that day with a score of 80. After cramping 10 chapters in one and a half day with some help from Cheok, I was happy with that score.

Law tutorial was okay; got an average 70 plus marks for the first few chapters. Except that I failed chapter 2. Mid ways, I got a call from Kai saying I was to get the keys for the classroom. I thought it was just as simple as collecting the keys.

But no, the person in charge wasn’t there, I was given the wrong keys, I had to change it and oh my god, I ran around the whole college to get a key.

Then, there was the disappointing attendance for the club meeting. Sighs. Thinking about it makes me feel disappointed. Anyway, we’ll have to have a meeting soon.

Bad Day #2 - 070910

The first half of the day wasn’t that bad. Things started going rotten around evening-ish. I won’t elaborate much, I feel stupid and immature for being so emotional over such trivial stuff. But guess what, this is me and it’s very unlikely that I will change. At least I’ve discovered my true love; clothes. So,*ahem* Abel/Alex, did you really get me a dress? Don’t lie to me.

Bad Day #3 - 080910

On that day, I snoozed my alarm at least six times before I managed to drag myself out of my bed. I really didn’t feel like going to class after such a bad on 7th. Because of that, I had a nagging headache all day long.

A headache is enough to spoil my day; especially if it’s the ones that last for 24 hours.


Today is 090910. It’s the start of my Raya holidays, I’m already bored by afternoon despite the obvious fact that I ought to be studying for my Law final. Sighs. I will start tomorrow and I should stop procrastinating.

“It’s now or never. Make the best out of it.”

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