Looking through a kaleidoscope.


Ever tried looking through one? Mine is really old, I don’t even recall having a kaleidoscope. It’s a bit dusty inside and on the outside; there are traces of old newspaper and wrapping paper. I ought to rewrap the kaleidoscope. These things are priceless. So are you. Looking through one, it feels like an entirely different world. With every turn of the kaleidoscope, a whole new colorful design appears. It’s just the same with life. With every step you take, something beautiful awaits you.

Life has been utterly busy for me. I have two mock examinations next Saturday, which by when I have to finish studying all 24 chapters in one week time. It’s going to be a tough feat, let’s hope I’ll pass both the papers.


These help me get through my morning classes without falling asleep. Much love to Teddy who got it for me. :D


I have pretty much turned into a nail polish freak these days. I am basically really obsessed with my nails. I buff them, shape them, apply base coat, then 3 layers of nail polish and the final coat. I dip my nails into icy cold water. But hey, it looks awesome; don’t you think? Albeit the fact that it is plain. I’m not that into patterns.

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