Ramadhan Buffet at San Fran.

San Francisco Steak House



Over the weekend, I was at San Francisco Steakhouse for their Ramadhan buffet. Contrary to the name, the food served there were mostly western food. When my dad first told me we were having dinner at San Fran, I was “Oh, I’m sure the food there would be good.” And guess what, it was very much below average; simply because their famed steaks served was just too rare, at least not to my liking. I like mine well done. I probably could have requested them to cook again but after eating a few rather rare steaks, I just lost the appetite for more steaks.

Well, they do have other side dishes like boiled crabs (which would taste really good if it was really fresh but it wasn’t), hams, salads, mussels and prawns. All these are like the cold dishes. And oh, the steaks were cold too.

The only hot foods there were their Minestrone soup which was no doubt good and also their Carbonara spaghetti was super cheesy and nice.

So yes. If you’re considering on going there for their Ramadhan buffet, please do yourself a favour and don’t go there (at least not to the one in Jaya Square, I’m not sure how are the others).

PS – Customer’s service there is good, but surely you won’t want to go there just because of their staffs.

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