I’m so so tired. You cannot imagine in what state I am now. I look really hung over and god forbids, I have body aches all over me. I wonder why. My hair is in a mess; I blame myself for sleeping with my hair wet. I have to get dressed in formal wear soon simply because there is an office visit to Ernst and Young later. Hmm, yesterday…. was fun though very very unexpected. Like OMG, I did that? Haha, yea.
Oh, well. What is done is done already. Can’t change the past now, can we?

Pictures of my brother were taken when we were in the car, and he started fooling around.. laughing like really cute-ish. So, I grabbed my camera but I was too slow. He started posing then, which essentially lost the natural feel I was looking for in the pictures. That explains the top picture anyway. And that is me on the bottom right side. (duh) It was a picture taken to show Cheok how to take smile. :)

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