The Best Beef Noodles in the World

Trust me. That statement is not an exaggeration and it is a factual statement. Don’t believe me? Try heading down to Jalan Tengkat Tong Shin. Try finding the Ngau Kee Beef Noodles stall. And then try to literally die from eating the noodles because it is so god damn heavenly.

IMG_3270 Seriously. Just look at the amount of minced beef.

Before you dig into the noodles, take a deep breathe and smell the aroma of it. It’s enough to make you salivate. Like really. Then, mix the generous amount of minced beef with the noodles. And dig in!

IMG_3273 And this is the soup with beef balls. This is even better stuff.

The soup as clear as it seems, is actually really rich with beefy taste to it. It is hard for me to describe something so delicious as no words in my vocabulary fits the bill. Either I need to read more, or you should just try it yourself.

IMG_3268 The chili sauce is not bad too.

IMG_3276 The stall looks like this.

IMG_3275The neon signboard! You definitely can’t miss this at night.

IMG_3264 The place is so old. Tree vines had actually grown on the wall.

So, if you haven’t try Ngau Kee beef noodles before, I strongly recommend you try this. You won’t regret making that life changing decision. Though, I must warn you in advance. You might get addicted to it, I know I do. :)

The Last Raya Holidays

Honestly speaking, most of my Raya holidays was spent on studying and preparing myself for the Law Final E-Exam. Initially, I thought one week plus was a long time to study for Law. So, I took my own very sweet time to study. Like half a chapter a day and on some days, I didn’t touch the book. I finally realized that if I continue revising this way, I wouldn’t be able to finish the syllabus on the week of the examination.

It is kind of stupid for me to take that long to realize that. In the days to follow, I set the target of reading a few chapters a day; which for me proved to be an impossible feat. But in the end, I did manage to finish all the chapters with the questions along – of course, it took me many midnight oils to burn to accomplish that. So now all I’ve got to do is wait for my results to be out later in the day, should be around 4.30 pm.

[Edit: The results is finally out. I passed. Oh, boy. I’m washed with relief.]

It was obviously a very mundane routine for me during the holidays except for some occasional incidents involving Kah Lok. Trust me, his antics are really humorous. Take this for example.


He saw the Pooh bear’s butt from the kitchen and he said, “Eee yer. Barrr-tooock.” And it’s so funny if you can hear the way he said it.


In the very same week too, my daddy trimmed Kah Lok’s hair as it was getting bushy. Plus, we had this old *idon’tknowhatitiscalled* thingy (shown in the picture above). All you got to do is comb the hair, and voila! It’s trimmed.


Mommy decided to hose him down with water after that because he wanted it. Haha. He really like the water. But funny thing is he doesn’t want to learn how to swim. He rather just floats around.

The last day of freedom?

I’m about to blog about how much my life sucks when I realized all I have been blogging recently was actually more of rants; on basically the fact that my life do suck. But really, today is bad. On the ‘bright’ side, I found out I had a super power!

I think I have an innate ability to just screw things up and along the way, hurting other people. And I’m sorry.

Anyway, I wouldn’t actually say it’s like the last day of freedom. Well, it’s more like the last day to enjoy myself before my Assurance 6 hours lecture class begins. By then, I would probably be obligated to study my manual and that I won’t have time like today to watch Clash of the Titans.


Stockpiling my highlighters in preparation for my Assurance class. And of course, my manual is the one on top. 

* * * * * * *

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*bam*whack* WTH?

I want to *STW now. Sighs. Now, now now. Why am I sighing again, you ask. Because I sat for my Law E-Exam yesterday and well, I was told that we might not be getting our results so soon as Pearson will be upgrading their system. So, I should technically be prepared not to get my results today. But the thing was that the results was actually already out around 2ish of which I was online but was completely oblivious to the fact that I could check my results. Mainly it is because I didn’t get any texts or calls. So yea. I shall wait patiently with my mouth sealed…. after I do this one thing first.


Okay. I’ll keep still now.


* Screw The World.

Oh, the hols!

The Raya break started on the 090910 and guess when it ends; 170910. That means I have a week plus long holidays. Man/Woman/Human, I need that break. Cause for the past few weeks, I have been staying up late studying and cramping my whole manual plus the questions in my puny brain. Gah. Actually, now that the holidays started, I’m actually sleeping even later than I usually do. Here is a rundown of what happened in the past two days.


090910.First Holiday.


I had this for my supper! It’s steamed flower crab with wine. Daddy made it.



Happy Raya! I had a boring Raya. My parents went out to an Open House; but I stayed behind to supposing-ly study. But I didn’t really studied much. Instead I wasted more time in cooking my lunch and talking on the phone.


Maybe you peeps have no idea that I actually don’t know how to cook. Pathetic, I know. And I’m a girl some more right, that must be what is going through your mind. Well, guess what; stop stereotyping us girls. Not all girls know how to cook, it’s the modern era. Anyway, it’s not like I’m not learning how to cook. I just don’t have the passion to cook. I’d rather blog about food anytime.

So, guess what? The fried rice actually turned out okay. Edible albeit a little starchy, but it’s because of the two eggs I put in. My dad, mom and sis said it smelt good and tasted not bad. Woohoo. That is a start, man.


100910.Laundry Day.

Today sucks. I decided to do my months and months of laundry which has all piled up around my room. It took me a long time to do it and I broke my nail in the process. :(

Because of that, I had to re-trim my nails again. I broke about 0.5 cm of my nail, earlier this week.


Kinda suck, right? Sobs. I know.

According to Daniel Powter.

He sang, “Cause you had a bad day, you’re taking one down, you sing a sad song just to turn it around.

So I sang, “ Here comes goodbye, here comes the last time, here comes the start of every sleepless night.” Well, it is a sad song.


And guess what, my day didn’t turn around simply because I sang a sad song. So, Daniel Powter, can you sing about something more realistic? Jeez. Why am I picking on someone who absolutely oblivious to my existence in this world?

Sighs. It’s probably because I had three bad days; back to back. Trust me, I can’t ask more anything worse than this.


Bad Day #1 - 060910

I was to wake up around 6.50 am for college. Somehow, my alarm didn’t go off and I woke up at 7.10 am. 10 minutes before CJ was to arrive. Oh, hell yea. My hair was in a mess, I didn’t know what to wear; I didn’t know what to do first.

I skipped breakfast. Wore a simple deep purple collared top as it was ICAEW Toastmaster Club meeting with my layered skirt that I am very much in love with (which also happens to the closest formal thing I could find); those two paired with my lace espadrilles. So not a match, I know. And for this, I got verbally bashed from first Danny and then Reuben who both claimed that I wasn’t wearing formal enough.

Oh, screw that wear formal thing to the meeting. We’re not required to wear formal soon! Says who; says me! (Not just because I can but because we want people to come.)

Anyway, I passed my Law Mock that day with a score of 80. After cramping 10 chapters in one and a half day with some help from Cheok, I was happy with that score.

Law tutorial was okay; got an average 70 plus marks for the first few chapters. Except that I failed chapter 2. Mid ways, I got a call from Kai saying I was to get the keys for the classroom. I thought it was just as simple as collecting the keys.

But no, the person in charge wasn’t there, I was given the wrong keys, I had to change it and oh my god, I ran around the whole college to get a key.

Then, there was the disappointing attendance for the club meeting. Sighs. Thinking about it makes me feel disappointed. Anyway, we’ll have to have a meeting soon.

Bad Day #2 - 070910

The first half of the day wasn’t that bad. Things started going rotten around evening-ish. I won’t elaborate much, I feel stupid and immature for being so emotional over such trivial stuff. But guess what, this is me and it’s very unlikely that I will change. At least I’ve discovered my true love; clothes. So,*ahem* Abel/Alex, did you really get me a dress? Don’t lie to me.

Bad Day #3 - 080910

On that day, I snoozed my alarm at least six times before I managed to drag myself out of my bed. I really didn’t feel like going to class after such a bad on 7th. Because of that, I had a nagging headache all day long.

A headache is enough to spoil my day; especially if it’s the ones that last for 24 hours.


Today is 090910. It’s the start of my Raya holidays, I’m already bored by afternoon despite the obvious fact that I ought to be studying for my Law final. Sighs. I will start tomorrow and I should stop procrastinating.

“It’s now or never. Make the best out of it.”


It’s kind of obvious that I’m happy. Why? Cause my Business Finance results is out! (Much earlier than what I expected but hey,

When I knew the results is out I went to my phone’s Internet browser and pressed on my ICAEW bookmarked page. Then I had to login; first attempt failed (I forgot my username in the midst of my nervousness). I called Abel/Alex and asked him to help me check my results. And I got….

(43 + 24 ) ÷ 4 × 3.9

Oh, screw that. I passed! And at that moment, I was like “HAHAHAHA.” What else can I say. I failed my first mock and after doing my final, I came out of the computer lab feeling somewhat; “Oh, shit. I think I screwed that up.” I even went on check my manual for the right and wrong answers as mentioned in my previous post here. 


This was basically how obsessed I got with counting the amount of rights and wrongs. I stopped doing that when I was sure I got 28 corrects because that is when I knew I was sure to pass. Yes, I realized how dumb I am now for doing it. But heck, who cares. It did give me a temporary relieved feeling.

And right now, all I have left to tackle is my Law Mock 2 tomorrow and my final on 18th September. Shit, I have a few more chapters to read for mock. I ought to go back to studying considering that my hyperness is almost gone, I could study just now because I was too happy and hyper. Even Teddy had to attack me to make me less hyper.


It’s back to Law. But before that, I would like to thank my parents and Miss Ezrina for having faith and believing that I could do it; pass the BF paper even after I failed my mock. Thanks to Cheok (CH) for studying his BF syllabus again just to teach me and my classmates too. Thanks. I ♥ you all.

Old is gold. Or so they say huh?


Ligo Raisins. I remember having them as a kid when I was young, like say around 6 years old. Man, the packaging haven’t changed since. But I love these kind of packaging. It’s old but hey, they lasted through so many years. I hope we do too.

I had a really bad dream when I took a nap just now. I don’t know why is it of my readers concerned (but if you do care about me maybe it’ll interest you). Anyway, in the dream I was stuck in this classroom for like I think forever with no one I knew except this one guy I used to have a crush one. But it was so awkward in the room. I felt stuck. It wasn’t a nice feeling. Best thing was that when I woke up, I didn’t feel much better. I was still stuck. I have close to zero confidence in passing my BF. (This is what failing mock has done to me, you get so paranoid of failing again.) Somehow, I got obsessed by the whole pass/fail thing and I flipped through 422 pages of my manual in search for questions that I might recall and checking to see if my answers were correct or not. Yeap, I was that obsessed. And I know Teddy got annoyed by me. Sorry.



You know life is full with surprises when you toast a bread and it comes out as charcoal. Oh. Hell yea.

Anyway, I sat for my Business Finance test today. Um, I don’t actually know how it went. But the thing is the questions that I was sure of getting correct turns out to be wrong. How is that for a start? Well, I.. um… should stop checking my manual. It’s making me insane. Plus, I have a Law mock to pass. I have less than 48 hours to make magic. I hope magic will happen on Monday. When I get my BF results and when I hit ‘OK.View Results’ for my Law mock. Oh, dear God. Forgive me for my sins and let me pass the BF paper and the Law Mock 2. Please.

Because life is too short for dull colors.

Some colors are so dull; labeling them as dull is an understatement. Neon is the new black. Oh, yes baby.


It’s my right hand, so mind you the nail polish isn’t properly applied. But I’m learning and getting better at it too. It’s like falling down and getting back up; I’m getting better in that department too.


Girl: Look at my toe nails! I painted it in your favourite color!

Boy: Wha…aaaaatttt? It’s too bright. Toe nails’ color aren’t supposed to be so bright.

Girl: :(


Hearts Thomas Sabo all the way!