It’s kind of obvious that I’m happy. Why? Cause my Business Finance results is out! (Much earlier than what I expected but hey, I.am.not.complaining.man)

When I knew the results is out I went to my phone’s Internet browser and pressed on my ICAEW bookmarked page. Then I had to login; first attempt failed (I forgot my username in the midst of my nervousness). I called Abel/Alex and asked him to help me check my results. And I got….

(43 + 24 ) ÷ 4 × 3.9

Oh, screw that. I passed! And at that moment, I was like “HAHAHAHA.” What else can I say. I failed my first mock and after doing my final, I came out of the computer lab feeling somewhat; “Oh, shit. I think I screwed that up.” I even went on check my manual for the right and wrong answers as mentioned in my previous post here. 


This was basically how obsessed I got with counting the amount of rights and wrongs. I stopped doing that when I was sure I got 28 corrects because that is when I knew I was sure to pass. Yes, I realized how dumb I am now for doing it. But heck, who cares. It did give me a temporary relieved feeling.

And right now, all I have left to tackle is my Law Mock 2 tomorrow and my final on 18th September. Shit, I have a few more chapters to read for mock. I ought to go back to studying considering that my hyperness is almost gone, I could study just now because I was too happy and hyper. Even Teddy had to attack me to make me less hyper.


It’s back to Law. But before that, I would like to thank my parents and Miss Ezrina for having faith and believing that I could do it; pass the BF paper even after I failed my mock. Thanks to Cheok (CH) for studying his BF syllabus again just to teach me and my classmates too. Thanks. I ♥ you all.

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