Oh, the hols!

The Raya break started on the 090910 and guess when it ends; 170910. That means I have a week plus long holidays. Man/Woman/Human, I need that break. Cause for the past few weeks, I have been staying up late studying and cramping my whole manual plus the questions in my puny brain. Gah. Actually, now that the holidays started, I’m actually sleeping even later than I usually do. Here is a rundown of what happened in the past two days.


090910.First Holiday.


I had this for my supper! It’s steamed flower crab with wine. Daddy made it.



Happy Raya! I had a boring Raya. My parents went out to an Open House; but I stayed behind to supposing-ly study. But I didn’t really studied much. Instead I wasted more time in cooking my lunch and talking on the phone.


Maybe you peeps have no idea that I actually don’t know how to cook. Pathetic, I know. And I’m a girl some more right, that must be what is going through your mind. Well, guess what; stop stereotyping us girls. Not all girls know how to cook, it’s the modern era. Anyway, it’s not like I’m not learning how to cook. I just don’t have the passion to cook. I’d rather blog about food anytime.

So, guess what? The fried rice actually turned out okay. Edible albeit a little starchy, but it’s because of the two eggs I put in. My dad, mom and sis said it smelt good and tasted not bad. Woohoo. That is a start, man.


100910.Laundry Day.

Today sucks. I decided to do my months and months of laundry which has all piled up around my room. It took me a long time to do it and I broke my nail in the process. :(

Because of that, I had to re-trim my nails again. I broke about 0.5 cm of my nail, earlier this week.


Kinda suck, right? Sobs. I know.

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