Old is gold. Or so they say huh?


Ligo Raisins. I remember having them as a kid when I was young, like say around 6 years old. Man, the packaging haven’t changed since. But I love these kind of packaging. It’s old but hey, they lasted through so many years. I hope we do too.

I had a really bad dream when I took a nap just now. I don’t know why is it of my readers concerned (but if you do care about me maybe it’ll interest you). Anyway, in the dream I was stuck in this classroom for like I think forever with no one I knew except this one guy I used to have a crush one. But it was so awkward in the room. I felt stuck. It wasn’t a nice feeling. Best thing was that when I woke up, I didn’t feel much better. I was still stuck. I have close to zero confidence in passing my BF. (This is what failing mock has done to me, you get so paranoid of failing again.) Somehow, I got obsessed by the whole pass/fail thing and I flipped through 422 pages of my manual in search for questions that I might recall and checking to see if my answers were correct or not. Yeap, I was that obsessed. And I know Teddy got annoyed by me. Sorry.

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