Candy Themed Nail Swatches


Ah, my nails kind of reminds me of candies. Those super sugary sweet candies that comes in the most lovely, adorable colors that make you want to eat them. Well, that is the purpose of it anyway. Here, I used Thistle from Elianto and Baby Blue from Faceshop. And I just realised that I have the five main colors of the rainbow in nail polishes. My toe nails are rainbow in color now. Awesomeness overload, no?

I shall paint my finger nails in the similar color.

Simple Pink Nail Art Swatches.

I have one thing that I very much would love to do now; my nails. I haven’t given my nails a manicure for such a long time (I think it’s been a week plus already). I removed it for the PwC Firm Visit, don’t think they tolerate Hot Pink there.


Simple and sweet, right? I used the Hot Pink from Elianto as the first base for this nail art. Then, I topped it with three coats of Etude shimmer pink nail polish.

This a super short update, I know. I’m kind of busy these days.

Going Nowhere

Being sick is making me crazy; I’m drinking hot Ribena, I ate steamed orange with salt. And I’m going to drink milk with tumeric next. But guess what, I’m still the same. I still have flu and a very annoying dry cough. I couldn’t sleep last night because of the bloody cough. I would cough every bloody minute. I need help. I’m taking my medications but it doesn’t seem to be helping. Mom said, “It takes time.” Time is definitely not on my side; I was supposed to be well today because we’re going for a firm visit today. The last one, my last hope? But, yeah. I had to fall sick and have a manly voice at this point of time.

5-in-1 ; I felt like dying.

Yesterday was miserable for me; I was so sick. It all started with a sore throat; so painful and dry I couldn’t swallow anything. Then, came the blocked and runny nose; the flu. So I took my pills; one for the sore throat and another for the flu. And then suddenly after waking up from my nap, I felt this sharp stab of pain in my pain. The pain was there for at least a few hours, it was so bloody painful, I could have sworn that I’d rather die than suffer in pain.

Why? What happened? It turns out that I was actually allergic to the flu pills. It never crossed my mind at all, I mean the odds of that happening was probably close to (80%)? The point is I didn’t know it could happened. And I’m glad it was over, really. But now, I have a mild case of fever and I’m still taking pills. I’m pretty sure I’m not allergic to Brufen.


And I can’t eat rice or prawns now. My mom put me on strict diet and I had to eat this fresh tomato with salt.


Damn. I’m tired of being sick. *coughs coughs*  Yeap, I have a dry cough too now.

The RM 1 Burger King Whopper


I am not a fan Burger King. I do not advocate eating fast food, but I do enjoy eating McDonald’s Fillet-O-Fish. Oh, hell yes. I’m a walking contradiction. In my whole entire lifetime (which is actually not much), I think I have only eaten at Burger King twice (with this visit being the second one).

So, what brings me to BK again? Well, they had this offer where you can get a BK Whopper for only RM 1 with a purchase of a soft drink which cost RM 3.10, in total after tax it’ll be RM 4.30. Oh-so-much-cheaper than McD value meals but for that one day only though.

IMG_3520 There was such a long queue just to get the burgers; it was about 40 minutes long.

IMG_3524Two dine in sets! Another two take away!

IMG_3525The Whopper up close and personal and all mine.


Happyx Birthdayx to Crystiex Lulux

If you wondering why I add an ‘x’ to the words in my title, it’s because the girl who is celebrating her 18th birthday has a tendency to do so. And I’m doing that in honor of her today. Oh, she also refers to herself from a third person point of view on her blog. So, who is she? Wel, no surprises here, she is one of my BFFs; Crystie!


Ta-da! We managed to surprise her after our Moral examination which was by the way, total crap for me. There are 40 cupcakes there all together with one large candle and eight smaller ones. We got her a dress from Kitschen, currently my favourite place to shop.


The cupcakes were made by Ru Yi’s mom which happens to be the best baker I known. Her fruit tarts are to die for. Hang Ee popped in a penguin as a present too. It’s a cute squeaky one.


The whole lot of our classmates that were there to celebrate.  I love my class, we have surprise parties every month.


Happy Birthday Crys!


Em, trying to look cute like Crys? Failed. :)

Crazehy Third Driving Lesson.

Of all the approximately 750000 words that exist in the English Language, I can’t even find one single word to describe what happened at my driving lesson today. It was tough for me, as usual but it was also a sweaty affair for me today. I was learning how to do the side parking, which I thought was hard at first but I kind of (note: kind of only) like it after a while. The only downside to it was that my instructor turned off the air-con, letting to sweat like as though I was in sauna while trying to maneuver the (stoooooopid) steering wheel 720 degrees to the left then to the right. Hmm, I’m afraid I would forget what I learned today because he taught me how to do the side parking, the three-point-turn and also the slope part. Oh, well, this will definite bore and maybe annoy you but I’m going to write down what he taught me today.

* * * * * * * *

How to do a Side Parking

  1. Put your gear into reverse gear.
  2. Reverse until you see the second stick.
  3. Turn your steering wheel 720 degrees to your left.
  4. Reverse until you see all four sticks behind your car.
  5. Turn back your steering wheel 720 degrees to your right.
  6. Reverse until your tyre is about 1 feet from the yellow line.
  7. Turn your steering wheel 720 degrees to your right.
  8. Reverse until the car is in the box. (cont.)

How to do a Three Point Turn

  1. (Cont.) Change back to first gear. Do not move your steering wheel at all cause.
  2. Slowly release clutch and start moving forward.
  3. Adjust your car until you’re moving in a straight line.
  4. Then, turn to your right until you almost reach the pavement.
  5. Pull the handbrake and change your gear to reverse gear.




Okay, okay. Wait. I think it was…..

  1. Turn 1440 degrees to your left and slowly reverse. Stop when the car almost reaches the yellow line.
  2. Press on the brake and pull the handbrake.
  3. Change your gear back to first gear.
  4. Slowly move forward.

* * * * * * * *

I think that was all. And please, please, please do correct me if I’m wrong. I’ll be going for my fourth lesson this Thursday. I hope I won’t ‘mati engine’ at the junctions and traffic lights like I did today. I hope I won’t get honked again, I hope the world would be more considerate towards beginner’s driver like me. Well, one can only wish,

Hell-ish Driving Lesson.

Do trust me when I said it was hell for me. I felt as if I was in a horrible dream that I couldn’t wake up from especially during the last one hour of the lesson. The best thing is that I’m going for another two hours of lesson tomorrow. God, save me.

So, why was it so bad today compared to yesterday? Simply because he brought me to drive in;

  1. A rather large road with plenty, plenty, plenty and plenty of cars zig-zagging here and there with multiple traffic lights at one go. That would mean I have to change from the second or third gear to the first. And then, there is the part where I have to break to stop but the Kancil brake sucks so much that I have to step harder.
  2. Garden roads where the roads become super tiny and it’s two way traffic. Which means that I cannot, I CANNOT cross the line that separates between one lane with the another, because then I would obviously crash.
  3. Roads with at least 100 bumps. I’m not exaggerating. Okay, fine. So maybe the roads didn’t have 100 bumps, but he made me practice on the same road again and again.
  4. Roads with corners, you know, those stupid roads with the arrow signs at the side. Again, I had to drive through these roads again and again. My instructor have to hold and adjust my steering for this. But the thing was that he went so so close to a Myvi when he did that for me. Am I supposed to drive like that next time?
  5. Junctions! I found out that I actually suck oh-so-very-badly in junctions. I ‘mati engine’ about 3 times here, I guess I panicked because I had to change gears, step on the clutch and brakes too.
  6. Turnings and U-turns. I’m quite bad in this area too because apparently I like to swing my steering wheel after making a turn. God, when will they change those sucking steering wheels into power steerings?

Gah. It was bad. Period. I don’t want to relive that memory again. Hopefully I won’t suck so much tomorrow.

Three, oh, three! ; My 1st Driving Lesson

God. Driving manual is tiring and oh-so-stressful, especially when it is your first time driving, and your instructor who speaks Cantonese (and you understand about 80% of what he says only) lets you drive the tiny red Kancil around roads which have cars parked on both sides of the road, making a three lane road into one and then asking you to drive on the highway without giving much notice in advance and you suddenly find yourself caught amongst all these gigantic, mean, fast moving cars and you just started learning to handle the clutch, brake, accelerator, gear one, gear two, gear three and signals about an hour plus ago – your mind keeps questioning you, “What the hell are you doing?”.

Oh, yea. That was kind of half of what happened today during my first lesson. Honestly when my instructor, Micheal came to pick me up, I have no idea what to expect from the first lesson. I thought maybe I’ll just listen to some boring chatter about the mechanics of the car. Well, he did that too; you know explaining about the gears and clutch.. bla bla bla. When he was done, he muttered something that sounded like, “Okay, now it’s your turn to drive.”

I was like, “WHAAAAAAAAAAATTT? So fast? Now?!”

So, there I sat at the driver’s seat and for the first time, I started the engine and the car moved. Haha, before dying off about 3 times, that is. But eh, I ‘mati engine’ only three times on my first lesson. I think that is pretty good, plus the Kancil didn’t mati engine when I was driving, it died when I tried to start driving. Oh, yea. I guess that makes me a pretty good first time driver. Can’t wait for my next lesson tomorrow.

And I think I heard a sigh from Micheal when I told him I wanted another lesson tomorrow. Man, I suck?


It’s October 1st. Sighs. It was a bad day. I started my day playing SimCity Metropolis. (It’s a very addictive game, I can play for hours using my phone.)


And then I had a brunch of fish ball noodles which was mediocre compared to the one sold near Pudu Market at night. Then, I got into a huge misunderstanding with Teddy. Argued like hell; things finally settled after two hours or so. Tried to find the text style widget for Twitter but couldn’t. However I persevere and I finally managed too! Look at my sidebar now. I decided to modify the Twitter badge I found online, personalized it and voila, this is what you get! So do follow me on Twitter at


After that, I got a call informing me that I was shortlisted for an internship and will soon be going through an interview with them. The call got me jumpy and I was in a worse state compared to before the call. I got an earful from my parents about it too.

Honestly, I’m very very tired of waiting. I don’t like this feeling of anxiety; this feeling, that just maybe after all that had happened, after all that I have turned down, I was to lose it all. I’m sick of waiting. How much longer do I have to go through this?

Oh my! Stationaries?

I know I have been MIA-ing from my blog for about a week plus; well let’s just say I’m pretty busy with tonnes of activities.

My weekends was gone to a Homestay Programme in Perak (I’ll be blogging about it soon) and the following weekdays was spent in college. By the time I came back home after college, I’ll be too tired to even lift my finger. So, what more about blogging. On those nights I slept around 11 pm, which is early for an insomniac like me.

So, I thought I’ll post a filler first.

* * * * * * * * * *

alice page 1 Alice in Wonderland themed journals! God, these look so pretty. :)

alice page 2I could really use something like that. Hint hint. :D 

I love to blog-hop from one blog shop to another; it has become like my favorite hobby recently and I stumbled into Aly & Kate. And my, it’s not usual blog shop that sells clothes. They sell preeeeeeettty stationaries. They have planners, journals, decoration stickers… anything you name, they have it.

a paris 1 I want this! God, I love polaroids.

a ballerina 1Ballerina rubber stamps.

Do drop by there, clicking on the pictures would bring you to their blogshop.

* * * * * * * * * *

Maybe you do know, maybe you don’t know yet, or maybe you do know now that I am so so in love with papers, notebooks, planners, journals... basically stationaries. I have always wanted a Moleskin notebook which costs around RM 90 for one. The funny thing is I know if I were to buy one of those Moleskin notebook, I could never bring myself to use it.


I got this notebook for my birthday from Kimmy about a few years back and till today I haven’t touch the book yet.


Guess what, I still want more and more notebooks!