Crazehy Third Driving Lesson.

Of all the approximately 750000 words that exist in the English Language, I can’t even find one single word to describe what happened at my driving lesson today. It was tough for me, as usual but it was also a sweaty affair for me today. I was learning how to do the side parking, which I thought was hard at first but I kind of (note: kind of only) like it after a while. The only downside to it was that my instructor turned off the air-con, letting to sweat like as though I was in sauna while trying to maneuver the (stoooooopid) steering wheel 720 degrees to the left then to the right. Hmm, I’m afraid I would forget what I learned today because he taught me how to do the side parking, the three-point-turn and also the slope part. Oh, well, this will definite bore and maybe annoy you but I’m going to write down what he taught me today.

* * * * * * * *

How to do a Side Parking

  1. Put your gear into reverse gear.
  2. Reverse until you see the second stick.
  3. Turn your steering wheel 720 degrees to your left.
  4. Reverse until you see all four sticks behind your car.
  5. Turn back your steering wheel 720 degrees to your right.
  6. Reverse until your tyre is about 1 feet from the yellow line.
  7. Turn your steering wheel 720 degrees to your right.
  8. Reverse until the car is in the box. (cont.)

How to do a Three Point Turn

  1. (Cont.) Change back to first gear. Do not move your steering wheel at all cause.
  2. Slowly release clutch and start moving forward.
  3. Adjust your car until you’re moving in a straight line.
  4. Then, turn to your right until you almost reach the pavement.
  5. Pull the handbrake and change your gear to reverse gear.




Okay, okay. Wait. I think it was…..

  1. Turn 1440 degrees to your left and slowly reverse. Stop when the car almost reaches the yellow line.
  2. Press on the brake and pull the handbrake.
  3. Change your gear back to first gear.
  4. Slowly move forward.

* * * * * * * *

I think that was all. And please, please, please do correct me if I’m wrong. I’ll be going for my fourth lesson this Thursday. I hope I won’t ‘mati engine’ at the junctions and traffic lights like I did today. I hope I won’t get honked again, I hope the world would be more considerate towards beginner’s driver like me. Well, one can only wish,

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