Happyx Birthdayx to Crystiex Lulux

If you wondering why I add an ‘x’ to the words in my title, it’s because the girl who is celebrating her 18th birthday has a tendency to do so. And I’m doing that in honor of her today. Oh, she also refers to herself from a third person point of view on her blog. So, who is she? Wel, no surprises here, she is one of my BFFs; Crystie!


Ta-da! We managed to surprise her after our Moral examination which was by the way, total crap for me. There are 40 cupcakes there all together with one large candle and eight smaller ones. We got her a dress from Kitschen, currently my favourite place to shop.


The cupcakes were made by Ru Yi’s mom which happens to be the best baker I known. Her fruit tarts are to die for. Hang Ee popped in a penguin as a present too. It’s a cute squeaky one.


The whole lot of our classmates that were there to celebrate.  I love my class, we have surprise parties every month.


Happy Birthday Crys!


Em, trying to look cute like Crys? Failed. :)

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