Hell-ish Driving Lesson.

Do trust me when I said it was hell for me. I felt as if I was in a horrible dream that I couldn’t wake up from especially during the last one hour of the lesson. The best thing is that I’m going for another two hours of lesson tomorrow. God, save me.

So, why was it so bad today compared to yesterday? Simply because he brought me to drive in;

  1. A rather large road with plenty, plenty, plenty and plenty of cars zig-zagging here and there with multiple traffic lights at one go. That would mean I have to change from the second or third gear to the first. And then, there is the part where I have to break to stop but the Kancil brake sucks so much that I have to step harder.
  2. Garden roads where the roads become super tiny and it’s two way traffic. Which means that I cannot, I CANNOT cross the line that separates between one lane with the another, because then I would obviously crash.
  3. Roads with at least 100 bumps. I’m not exaggerating. Okay, fine. So maybe the roads didn’t have 100 bumps, but he made me practice on the same road again and again.
  4. Roads with corners, you know, those stupid roads with the arrow signs at the side. Again, I had to drive through these roads again and again. My instructor have to hold and adjust my steering for this. But the thing was that he went so so close to a Myvi when he did that for me. Am I supposed to drive like that next time?
  5. Junctions! I found out that I actually suck oh-so-very-badly in junctions. I ‘mati engine’ about 3 times here, I guess I panicked because I had to change gears, step on the clutch and brakes too.
  6. Turnings and U-turns. I’m quite bad in this area too because apparently I like to swing my steering wheel after making a turn. God, when will they change those sucking steering wheels into power steerings?

Gah. It was bad. Period. I don’t want to relive that memory again. Hopefully I won’t suck so much tomorrow.

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