The RM 1 Burger King Whopper


I am not a fan Burger King. I do not advocate eating fast food, but I do enjoy eating McDonald’s Fillet-O-Fish. Oh, hell yes. I’m a walking contradiction. In my whole entire lifetime (which is actually not much), I think I have only eaten at Burger King twice (with this visit being the second one).

So, what brings me to BK again? Well, they had this offer where you can get a BK Whopper for only RM 1 with a purchase of a soft drink which cost RM 3.10, in total after tax it’ll be RM 4.30. Oh-so-much-cheaper than McD value meals but for that one day only though.

IMG_3520 There was such a long queue just to get the burgers; it was about 40 minutes long.

IMG_3524Two dine in sets! Another two take away!

IMG_3525The Whopper up close and personal and all mine.


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