Everything! All in the name of good food.

I’d do (almost) anything, everything in this world just to get myself a bite of good, heavenly food. If you don’t believe that such food exists, shame on you. :) If you don’t think I’d do anything just to get a taste of delicious bite, you have to read on to believe me.

For Pandan Leaf Chicken…

In the afternoon, I saw my mommy grinding a dark green, freakish paste. She said she was marinating chicken for dinner. It looked like “EWW” but surprisingly smelt good.

IMG_4467This was the mixture of the paste and chicken. She must have marinated it for about 5 hours. I’m surprised that the raw chicken didn’t turn green. [Guess that means that chicken rocks! I love meat.]

IMG_4472 So, I being the good girl I always am (*inserts toothy grin*), I actually offered to help my mum out with preparing dinner today. And my job was pretty simple, wrap the raw, marinated chicken with pandan leaves.

IMG_4476 Ta-da! This was the end product of my pandan-leave-wrapping-chicken-ish stuff. Looks damn easy, no? Trust me, it is not! It took me an hour to wrap it all up and my hands burned after that because my sensitive skin can’t stand the amount of spices my mom put into marinating the chicken!

IMG_4482 A close-up picture on a pandan leaf chicken. I actually wrapped the chicken like I was folding stars. You know those stars origami we used to like to make?

IMG_4488Looks good, taste so heavenly. The chicken was very well marinated (what do you expect after 5 hours being marinated!). It’s crispy and fried to perfection! My mom is an amazing cook; when she taste them, she went like “How in the world did I manage to make this chicken!”

And oh, she make the meanest grilled chicken. Beats any restaurant that sell grilled chicken for a bomb and claims that they are the best!



  1. Hey Carmen...MISS YOU!!:) Was just wondering...with which cam was this pics taken?

  2. Hahaa, I miss you too! And the whole lot of hyperactive BRATS! The pics are taken using Canon S90. :) Nice?