My one month old nephew.

IMG_4422 The traditional Chinese red dyed chicken egg that is given during the Full Moon celebration.


Hey world, meet Brandon! And as the title suggests, he is my nephew which obviously means that I’m an Aunty now. God, that sounds so old. But he has yet to be able to speak so I guess I won’t have him calling me “Ah Yee”. LOL.

IMG_4413 Hehe, I find Brandon really cute and obviously very fragile. He is just one month old and his hands are so so tiny!

page1This boy over here used to be super cute, but now he is nothing but annoying…….Fine, I’ll admit that he is not only that. In fact, he is actually quite sweet at times. And mostly silly and annoying at all other times.

Seeing Brandon (and watching my brother grow up from a cute baby to a boy) makes me wonder how I looked like when I was still a baby and how I was like back then. So, I actually went to the cupboard and took out my huge baby album.

IMG_4450 Oh, yes. That was me. When I was close to one years old. I think I was doing something with my eye. [O.O]

IMG_4449Haha, this kid looks so adorable! Unfortunately, this is also myself when I was about a years old.

God, I missed being a kid. Life was so much easier, then. But it isn’t so bad now. It’s tough, but I know I’ll get through it.

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