Nail Art: Water Marbling Attempt

(Secretly, I wished I was the one who invented this water marbling technique. Then I would be so damn good at it. Except the fact that it is so not true. And I suck at it.)

If you’re wondering what is water marbling, trust me it’s not a fancy term I coined up for one of my nail art attempts.  It would be easier for you to watch the videos, rather than reading about it.

Valentine's Water Marble IMG_1788

It’s so awesome, right? It kind like made me want to do it after watching the video and seeing the water marbling effect on the nails. All I needed was a couple of nail polishes, water and a paper cup. I had them all at home. So, so that means I could like try it out, which I did.


This is what it turns out to be. I know it doesn’t look much like a failure but trust me, it is. It didn’t spread out as much as it did in the video. And when this happens, I thought I’d better not try to make patterns with it. Instead I just dipped my finger into it.


And this was the outcome from it. See the index finger, I know the water marbling effect is not that obvious, but mostly because the nail polish didn’t spread it out. Sometimes, the nail polish just formed a drop and sinks to the bottom of it. I took about a few hours trying to perfect this technique but somehow that one was the best I could. Others were just failures.

Apparently, the problem lies in the nail polishes I used, which was Faceshop’s White and Elianto’s Thistle. The nail polish used must be those that doesn’t dry up fast. Funny thing, cause I would usually want a fast drying nail polish! So, I guess, I would have find some Sally Hansen polishes now. Where to get them? :(

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