Platinum Pearl + Rainbow Fun Nail Swatches

IMG_43813 weeks. For approximately 3 weeks, I stayed loyal to the same nail polish (the candy themed one) which I last blogged about here. And I did have some breakages in my nails which is why this time I have decided to go easy on my nails. I have also trimmed my nails short. As seen from the picture, I used Elianto’s Platinum Pearl. But I only applied it on the tip of my nails. It is super easy to do. But somehow, I’m not too happy with the end product. Seems a bit bland for me as compared to my usual striking polishes. Something like the next picture, huh?

IMG_4078 I have always loved the rainbow color. There was even a period of time when I liked others to call me the Rainbow Queen. :) Oh, well. Those were the those days! I’m glad I don’t have that much of a rainbow fetish anymore. But I still, deep in my heart, really love the rainbow color. My mom didn’t really like it but I reasoned with her. “If you were feeling down and all of a sudden, you saw a girl’s toe nails in rainbow color, would you not smile?” So, if you’re interested in painting your nails rainbow you can get them from Etude for red, yellow and green. As for the blue, it’s from Faceshop and purple from Elianto.

Both the swatches are pretty easy to do. So, have fun!


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