A Slide Down the Tallest Indoor Tube Slide!

Did you know that there was 5-storey high slide inside Empire Shopping Gallery? Well, I did hear something about a looooooong slide there but I can’t imagine how that was possible anyway. Until of course, when I got invited to a Social Media Gathering at LeX, 2nd floor of Empire Shopping Gallery.
It was a rather small gathering of bloggers, say around 20 plus of us all together. This gathering was basically organized by LeX (Lifestyle Electronics eXperiential Centre) in conjunction with their movie partnership with Disney’s Rapunzel: A Tangled Tale.
IMG_4502 Meet the emcee, Aunty Wong, she claimed to be legendary. You can see why in this picture right?
IMG_4495 We got to test their Game Pod stations, where they have a Sony PS 3 game in it and you get to play with it.
IMG_4516 This is the entrance to the world tallest indoor tube slide!
page1 Looks a bit scary already, no? When I first saw it, I was ‘what the heck’! Damn. I want to sit that slide!
At 50 metres long, 5 storeys high, the slide ride took only 10 seconds! Honestly, it wasn’t that scary at all. Obviously, you’re not going to slide down at the speed of a roller coaster. It was fast, but I would prefer it to be faster! Still, it was a different but nice experience. You guys should totally try it!
IMG_4519 It’s RM 12, per ride. Tad pricy for just a slide down but it is only because the cost of bringing the slide in and installing was a whooping RM 3 million!
Anyway, there was a few competitions on that day too; the LeX slide challenge and the Longest ‘Rapunzel’ Hair Challenge. We had to form a team of 5 for the slide challenge and we were each required to slide down twice in the fastest time. My team (Team Utopia) consists of myself, Cheok, Randy, Janise and Naomi. We were all petite sized except for Cheok and unbelievably, we won! We completed it in 4 minutes 18 seconds!
IMG_4512 We each won RM 100 but it wasn’t easy climbing up 5 storeys twice! I almost died on the way up.
Oh, you guys want to hear an all time EPIC FAILED story? Remember I mentioned that there was another competition about the longest Rapunzel hair challenge? The mechanics of this game is that the person with the longest real or fake hair will win an iPod Shuffle. I arrived there early and was told that even ‘rafia’ strings would be enough. So I went on to buy two extremely long rolls of those strings. But guess what, I didn’t win it in the end because I didn’t went in front within 10 seconds. =.= Major epic failed!
IMG_4521 But I still got two tickets to watch Rapunzel for my effort! Whoopie! Hmm. But I already got tickets to watch the premiere of the movie on November 24.
IMG_4515 Camwhore shot with Janise. She is so sweet!
Group shot with no one looking at my Cammy. :( Everyone else was too busy looking at those huge DSLRs.
* * * * * * *
Oh, before I end this post, I’ve got some random shots to show you.
Creme Brule flavoured coffee. Too sweet!
IMG_4525 Devil-ed iPhone! I want!
* * * * * * *
That’s all for now, folks. Got to study for my finals and mock!

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