2010’s Christmas Week!

Christmas is finally here! I know I’m a bit late in getting into the Christmasy celebration mood. Haha, well I admit, it’s been a rather hectic week for us all too, right? I mean, there are good food, awesome company, gifts and more good food and more …. well, you get the idea. :)

* * * * *

Gu Yue Tien, Chulan Square


Daddy brought the family to this Chinese restaurant to celebrate the Winter Solstice festival. Basically, he decided to come after reading a food review in The Star newspaper. Apparently, they serve really rare, good Hong Kong delicacies. (And also, because there is a All You Can Eat promotion going on now.)

IMG_5453 Delicacies like what, you ask? Guess what is dish is this.


Like OMG right?! There is even a soft bone in the middle!

IMG_5457 Grilled squids! This is tasty, must try if you’re there.

IMG_5460 Unagi rolls! This reminds me of something rather Vietnamese. Delicious, another must try.

IMG_5461 This is Fried Oyster and it doesn’t taste as good as it looks. The fritter batter was too thick and the oyster didn’t even taste like an oyster.

A word of advice, don’t eat their fried stuff and oh, the Shangai Siew Long Bao too. Overall, the food is just so-so. If I had to pick between a roadside stall to this restaurant, I might consider the stall actually. I feel so mean. LOL.

IMG_5430 Well, I don’t look mean here. :)


* * * * *

The Christmas Turkey Lunch!

“Another meaning for the word Jakun in the classic Malay is a derogatory term for a person who doesn't know something common. – Wikipedia

Call me a ‘jakun’ but I have never seen a whole roasted turkey in my whole entire life before. But I have eaten one before, so actually I’m not that bad actually. So, I was kind of excited when my uncle and aunt told me that this year, they will be making a roasted turkey for their Christmas lunch!

IMG_5492 Grilled tomatoes, garlic and onions! And no, the turkey is not underneath that foil.

IMG_5494 The 4 hours long stuffed roasted turkey is here!

IMG_5500Ta-da! Looks like a huge bird to me! The butt is covered with a lemon to prevent the pork belly and chestnut fillings from spilling out. And there is bacon on the skin of the turkey!

 IMG_5497 Mumsy with the baked potatoes and Mr. 5.5 kg turkey. Aunt Tracy ready to ‘murder’ the turkey. Muahaha.

IMG_5480 Me, the tree and mumsy.

page We look so happy here, it feels like a crime to smile. Hahaa.


* * * * *

Boxing Day Date with J.

Uh-huh. I finally managed to meet up with my beloved, Julia on Dec 26. I haven’t seen her for months. Oh, god. I do miss high school when we could see each other every other day. Since I’ve got free passes to watch Gulliver’s Travel, I asked her out and surprise surprise, her schedule was free. You must understand that J is a very busy woman. HAHAHA. Which is quite true actually.


So, let me rate the movie. Out of 10, I give it 6 only. Honestly, the movie didn’t really emphasize much on Jack Black’s natural humour. Basically, the script and the storyline is tad boring although they tried to inject humour into it. But somehow, it doesn’t really work.


See the top right picture? It was taken in the Kitschen changing room where I spend gazillion hours buying dresses and I just left J sitting outside waiting for me to get-it-done-and-over-with-already. Luckily, her knight in shining armour aka Daryl came and rescued her from her shopping-crazy-best-friend which is me. And that is Daryl, in the pink Polo shirt.


* * * * *

Meet my new love!

IMG_5467 Sticky Candies = FTW, especially the lemon ones. :D I want more.

A huge thanks to my friend who got it for me.

* * * * *


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