Craving for “Chu Pau Pau” from Ninja Joe

I’m so addicted to saying ‘chu pau pau’ really quickly. Why? Try saying it really fast; it sounds oh-so-cute. It never fails to give me a good laugh. Anyway, what is ‘chu pau pau’? It’s actually something like pork burgers in Mandarin but it’s an improvised version of the original, ‘chu par pau’ - (Pork Chop Burgers).

IMG_4712 This is where you can get those awesome pork burgers I’m craving for now! It’s at Ninja Joe, Sunway Pyramid or in Tropicana City Mall.

It was my first time there as they recently opened in Sunway and Pyramid is only about 5 minutes walk now because of the recently built Canopy Walkway. Awesome! Sunway University students now have easier access to good food and shopping time!

IMG_4702I ate the BIG BOSS! It’s RM 10.50 with bacon and cheese. Sadly, it’s not as big as I expected.

IMG_4707  This taste like heaven. Seriously. It’s so juicy and the taste just come bursting out. Imagine eating a juicy, well marinated pork patty with cheesy cheddar cheese and ‘bouncy’ fried egg topped with bacon! OMG. It’s so so good.

Can someone be nice enough to get me a Big Boss now? :) I shall declare the Big Boss as my feel good food from now onwards!

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