Life After Finals; Freedom!

Oh, hell yes! I’m done with my Assurance paper and I passed! Isn’t that an awesome or what? :) Now that I’m done with my exams for this year, I deserve a break. It’ll be a short, sweet, jam-packed break for me. I only have this December to rest, recuperate from all those late night studying I’ve been doing for the past few weeks. Uh-huh. That means I have to make the most of December and I’ve been able to do so far. *grins*

* * * * * * * * *

4th December 2010

IMG_4728 Don’t these earrings look so edible?!

Right after my Assurance final, I went to Curve but there was a confusion and I ended up alone there for a few hours before my dad came. But since I’m already there, why not do some window-shopping? It is the Year End Sale now. :) There are discounts everywhere! Including The Face Shop where I bought my nail supplements; white is the nutrition one and the pinkish is to strengthen my nails. And oh, those earrings; I got them for a steal! It’s like 10 ringgit for 3.


5th December 2010

For a moment, I couldn’t recalled what I did on the fifth. Then, I realised that I was home all day. =.= Doing what? Helping my parents with some accounts stuff. And the best part of the day? My dinner. Subway! Italian BMT all the way!


6th December 2010

I feel super bad. Because there was a meeting for the ICAEW Christmas Masquerade Party event, but I couldn’t make it then. Sighs. No transport. I know I can already drive but my parents won’t allow me to drive alone yet. My mom gets nightmare just thinking about the idea of me driving her. Hahaa, you must think I’m a terrible driver. So, anyway I managed some shopping time on sixth because I so need working shoes.

IMG_4730 Ta-da! Meet my working shoes. :D

Nah, I wished I could wear that to work, but it’s not my working shoes. It’s just a shoes that I wanted to have so badly after trying it on. The patterns is goddamn-WOW. And I did manage to buy my working shoes in a deep Midnight Blue color. God, the color is so gorgeous. Mom wanted me to get it in black to play safe but I was like black is boring.


6th December 2010

Mostly, I stayed in but it was such a beautiful day. It was a cloudy morning and you could feel the breeze if you just stood in the middle of the road with arms spread out, just like in Titanic. Hahaha. Had dim sum for breakfast, took only one picture because I got to hungry after that. *sheepish smile*


After that, I basically came home and started cleaning up my room because it is usually very messy before any exams. Took me about an hour plus. Then, it was manicure time!

IMG_4731 Baby blue and eye-popping yellow!

What an odd combination, right? But hey, I love both the colors although the blue looks a bit streaky. Attempted the French mani technique and it seems like I have improved!

* * * * * * * * *

Okay loves, that would be all for now. I’ve got to go to work now!

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