Off to Bali!

Hi, loves. I have decided to do a short post before leaving for Bali simply because I haven’t been able to blog as often as I wished. My schedule these days are pretty hectic, with events and activities back-to-back. As much as I enjoyed having my calendar filled, I just don’t have the time to blog. It’s pretty hard on me as I do look forward to blogging. I guess that is one of my vices. :)

Anyway, I’ll off to Bali tomorrow morning around 10ish. A not-so-early flight but guess what, I’ll have to be at the airport at least two hours earlier. Sighs, in the end I have set my alarm to 6 am.  Nevertheless, I’m already on the holiday mood!

dreamland-beach-bali Wow! What a breath-taking sight! Though I don’t think I’m coming to this beach. I just Googled Bali and this came up.

Everyone knows that Bali is famous for its beaches but my parents planned the trip in a way that we won’t actually get to laze around the beach. Well, logically thinking if I wanted to laze around the beach I would go to places like Redang, Pangkor and all. So instead, they got this tight, packed with visits schedule planned out. I’m looking at their itinerary and I see places like QWK Cultural Park, Sukawati, Uluwatu Temple…. and the list goes on.

208169657_c275aff5de The Statue of Wisnu at the QWK Cultural Park.

Haha, I think I’m really excited to visit Bali now. I mean I have heard and read so much about it and now I’m finally going there! Can’t wait, can’t wait! Just thinking about all those amazing pictures opportunities I’ll have there is already making me go, “CAN I TAKE THE FIRST FLIGHT TO BALI NOW?!” :D

“ Hooray! Hooray! It's A Holi-Holiday,
  What a world of fun for everyone, holi-holiday,
  Hooray! Hooray! It's A Holi-Holiday,
  Sing a summer song, skip along, holi-holiday,
  It's a holi-holiday.”

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