Photoshoot @Kitschen, One Utama

I had so much fun at the Kitschen’s photoshoot! I totally loved getting all dressed up; you know like hair, make-up, clothes, shoes and accessories. Only this time, someone else dolled me up. :D

IMG_5400 My face so damn serious. Haha, I guess that is my ‘stoned’ face. The make up did take some time.

pageLook who else is here! Mr. Cheok Chin Hong! He was like the only guy on the set.

IMG_5405 These are the other girls on the set, Maxine and Megan. They are really sweet sisters.

page1 The Preppy Nerd Dude meets the Punk Rock Chic! :)

page3(Left) If I didn’t have chubby cheeks, I would have looked like this.  (Right) The whole outfit!

IMG_5418 We couldn’t resist a group picture before we left!

The photoshoot can be tiring at times but it was so much fun! Really, I can’t describe it; I just know that I wish I could do it again. Thanks Kitschen! <3

[Edit at 11.00 PM] Another huge thanks to Randy Too for being the driver for that day! I’m so sorry I forgot to mention your name! :S


  1. OMg carmen! I'm sooo happy! XD So my vote did worked! TEEEHEEEEEE!!! I wanna see the photoshoot pics!!!! :DDD

  2. Hahahahaa, hi Wen Xi! Yaya, thank you so much for voting for me! Will need your votes in February again! And I also want to see the photoshoot pics, but I have been told that it'll only be out in February. :(