Work it hard, baby!

If you haven’t already heard the news from Twitter (@kahmunhong) or my FB, I’m going to say it again here; I’m working on a real job in an audit firm! Albeit the fact that I’m just interning, but still I’m one step closer to losing my life and dedicating myself to the real auditing world. Well, I have decided to that I am to become an auditor in future, so I might as well start now. In fact, I already started my intern period with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) yesterday. I was excited about the whole going to work thing, but guess what I was more interested in?

It’s clothes! What to wear to work! Over the last Dec holidays, I have managed to update my wardrobe with formal working attires. And now, I do wonder how long I can keep this enthusiasm up. Haha, but so far I can honestly admit that the best part of the day is actually the getting-ready-for-work part.

IMG_5547 Can you see my dress, shoes, hand bag and OH, my manicured nail?! I painted it pinkish nude, specially for work. And I’m so in love with this colour. So fresh, so pure.

I’m totally in love with that dress from Kitschen, thanks Mom for choosing it for me. :) And I am also very much in love with my working jacket I wore today! I found it quite queer for me to wear that jacket actually because I haven’t exactly started working because I have training till Monday. But still, I wanted to wear it out so much.

jacketPwweeetty? Aren’t you madly in love with it already?

Anyway, today is like the third day of training and I still have Friday and Monday to go. One thing about PwC is that they really do make sure that when they send us out to do fieldwork, we are fully trained and equipped. At least, I won’t be so lost at my client’s place. Oh, speaking of clients, I just found out today that I got booked with three different companies over my three months there. I’m so excited that I got three different companies (= different experience) but I’m afraid I haven’t got enough time to really know the companies. Hmm, maybe I should do some research on the company first.

163880_488830164098_104281384098_5709845_954212_n January 2011 PwC Interns! Spot me! :)

Anyway, I am dead tired. I should sleep in early. It was so hard to get myself  up today; it was raining when I needed to wake up but it’s also oh-so-comfy that I could sleep in all day.

* * * * * *

To all my dearies, I will post more stuff up soon! Am working on a #2010memories & #2011cleanslate post. Look out for that!

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