Hoppity Hop, here comes the Bunny year!

I know this beyond overdue because Chinese New Year has come and gone since like eons! And it took me that bloody long just to blog about it, but what the hell, I’ve been working late for the past few weeks and when I’m back, I’m really just so exhausted! It actually feels like my bed is sinking when I lie down on it. So anyway, this will be a picture filled post, so do bear with me as I went slightly over the top with my camwhoring pictures.

* * * * * * *

IMG_5853 Yee sang! Bunny shaped, what a cute way to welcome the Bunny year! Homemade by cousin sissy. <3

 The Feast! The Feast! The Feast! and the FAT too.

page God! Look at the amount of firecrackers! You know what it felt like when they lighted them? I felt like I was in a warzone.

page1An annual ritual of lighting up the joss sticks.

IMG_5908  Hmm, I like these floating lanterns, but they are very dangerous! They might fall down and start burning houses!

IMG_5894 Because I was directly under the fireworks, I actually took this picture without looking at the camera.

IMG_5922 Chap choy. My first vegetarian meal of the Bunny year.

page3Baby Brandon is oh-so-cute! He likes to bite my fingers though. :)

IMG_6044 Rain rain go away. :( It rained during Chinese New Year!

page4 Finally ate at the decades (?) old Sek Yuen! Food is quite good, it serves unusual dishes like the two above. The top one is the Pat Poh Stuffed Duck and the bottom one is Cold Jelly Chicken.

IMG_6051 Meet the dragon biscuits that doesn’t even look like a dragon. Taste just as awesome though!

IMG_6076Playing poker with peanut as chips! These guys are plain hilarious. :)













Here’s one for the album! xx.

























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