Valentine’s Day Guide: Forget those cliché gifts!

The most celebrated over-rated day is exactly two weeks away. Girls love this day, guys loathe the part where they have to crack their brains to think of what to get their beloved girlfriends without disappointing them, of course. And honestly, some gifts are so synonymous with this day that the prices rocket sky high. Plus they can be so cliche, it’s boring really to get that kind of gifts.

Handmade Roses copy I would so prefer to get this kind of roses that will last an eternity than fresh roses. Plus, you know the guy actually put in tonnes of effort for this. Trust me, they are not easy to make.

Strawberries copy Chocolates are too fattening! Unless you want your girlfriend to be fat, don’t give chocolates. Give her Sticky candies instead, they taste awesome! And they come in with I-love-you messages on it. And if your girlfriend needs chocolate to live, give her those strawberries dipped in choco. Mhmm, delicious.

Beanies copy Teddy bears are so yesterday! These beanies and plushies are really much nicer to hug than a furry bear.

Personalized Gifts copy  I think if I got these for Valentine’s Day, I would go speechless… then scream OMG. Hahaha. Isn’t it sweet if your boyfriend turns up in a shirt with your initials on it.

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Note: The pictures in this post are pretty, ain’t it? Some of them were taken from Google Images and some was taken by myself and grabbed from my friend’s FB. I took like a whole entire day editing these pictures and putting them into nice background in Photoshop! So do appreciate it. :)

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