Up, Up and Away! - Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2011

It is not everyday that Malaysian get to see hot air balloon but at least we do get a chance to see it once a year. This time around, Mommy managed to convince Daddy to drive all the way to Putrajaya for the Hot Air Ballon Fiesta. So, I was at the fiesta! Haha, it is my first time seeing a hot air balloon live. I wouldn’t say it’s life changing, awestruck-ed moment… come on, it’s just balloons right? But honestly, it is something to be experienced at least once in my life.

ball Meow!

Copy of IMG_6286 So huge, right? And I thought those two circles look somewhat like the Master card logo.

Copy of IMG_6295 Haha, it got a little crowded after some time.

Copy of IMG_6305At first  I didn’t get why would anyone make a sad clown face as a balloon…. then…

Smiley  .. I realised that things are always not the way it seems to be. :)

Copy of IMG_6317I think this was my best shot for the day. I mean, it’s quite okay considering that I took it during cloudy skies. 

Copy of IMG_6327 This was one of the unique balloons, but sadly they didn’t fly this balloon. It would have looked niceee.

Copy of IMG_6352 Somehow, I thought this picture looks like it was taken somewhere out of Malaysia. Don’t you think so? Must be the colours of this picture. Haha.

Copy of IMG_6407 And this was during the ‘Night Glow’ performance. There were music and the balloons were ‘flashing’ according to the music. Don’t get it? Watch the video. :)


All in all, I think it was pretty nice to get a chance to see the life size hot air balloons although I’ll admit that I wished the skies were clearer that day. I probably be able to take much nicer pictures! Haha, well I do need to practice more.

“Yu Peng” – Traditional Home Made Fish Cakes

I wonder if anyone or rather anyone’s grandparents still make these delectable fish cakes because these little small wonders are just so heavenly. But these requires specific skills and of course, the right recipe to make it work. My grandmother used to make this and boy, I miss those times. If only I had cherished those times. Nevertheless, my dad tried to make it last weekend, he didn’t exactly nailed it but yes, he did come close to it.



It’s a pity that I only get to eat these once a year, so I have decided to learn how to cook it. If I ever do make it the next time around, I’ll post it up.



Miss her like crazeh! <3 Meet my oldest, closest and best-est friend in the world.  (and my eye bags too =.=)

Insanity Rantings

I’m sick. Yes, for the past week or so, I was sick; was it health related sick or more like sick of something? I’m going to say it is both. My sickness started from a extremely mild sore throat. I thought nothing of it and I just downed tonnes of water. The sore throat got worse and that lead on to mild flu. I took some Panadol and voila, I thought I was healed. Only to find myself shivering in 26 degree Celcius room a few days later, to know that I now have a 39 degree Celcius body temperature. My cheeks was flushed, my face was a deep red tomato and yes, I feel like shit. That was yesterday.

Today, I feel much better with a much lower body temperature. Thank you, God.

* * * * * * *

Sick of life? I wonder how many times would I have already said that. I do wonder sometimes, how and what can bring my spirits so damn low. A lot of things, really. Mostly petty stuff, but those are what that affects me the most. Like they say, it’s all the little things that matter. And that is true. Maybe I care too damn much about what others thought of me, it has always been that way with me. But then again, when will I get it that I am living this life for no one else but my own. If I’m happy doing what I do, then be it. Nothing else should matter then.

Yeap, nothing else at all.

The Wanted – Live in Kuala Lumpur.

Uh-huh, the UK boy band was here, like erm a few weeks ago but I only had the time to post up the pictures today.

So anyway, I managed to catch their showcase while they were here (thanks to Arthur’s sister, Trecia for the passes). Honestly speaking, I’m not a big fan of them but I love their hit single “All Time Low”. I mean, it is a pretty well written song, go hear it if you haven’t heard of it!

[I’m just going to post the pictures cause I’m so not into the mood to write today. Sowee. :3]

* * * * * *




IMG_6154 Best shot of the night!

* * * * * *

IMG_6115 Meet the only person who was willing to camwhore with me. :)