Up, Up and Away! - Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2011

It is not everyday that Malaysian get to see hot air balloon but at least we do get a chance to see it once a year. This time around, Mommy managed to convince Daddy to drive all the way to Putrajaya for the Hot Air Ballon Fiesta. So, I was at the fiesta! Haha, it is my first time seeing a hot air balloon live. I wouldn’t say it’s life changing, awestruck-ed moment… come on, it’s just balloons right? But honestly, it is something to be experienced at least once in my life.

ball Meow!

Copy of IMG_6286 So huge, right? And I thought those two circles look somewhat like the Master card logo.

Copy of IMG_6295 Haha, it got a little crowded after some time.

Copy of IMG_6305At first  I didn’t get why would anyone make a sad clown face as a balloon…. then…

Smiley  .. I realised that things are always not the way it seems to be. :)

Copy of IMG_6317I think this was my best shot for the day. I mean, it’s quite okay considering that I took it during cloudy skies. 

Copy of IMG_6327 This was one of the unique balloons, but sadly they didn’t fly this balloon. It would have looked niceee.

Copy of IMG_6352 Somehow, I thought this picture looks like it was taken somewhere out of Malaysia. Don’t you think so? Must be the colours of this picture. Haha.

Copy of IMG_6407 And this was during the ‘Night Glow’ performance. There were music and the balloons were ‘flashing’ according to the music. Don’t get it? Watch the video. :)


All in all, I think it was pretty nice to get a chance to see the life size hot air balloons although I’ll admit that I wished the skies were clearer that day. I probably be able to take much nicer pictures! Haha, well I do need to practice more.

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