Black(out)ed Pink Polish!


After a three months fast from applying bright polishes, I would like to announce that I am back, peeps! Uh-huh, uh-huh. Reason being for that fast was because I was interning in a professional firm, hence I don’t think bright nail polishes are a generally accepted work culture there? Nah, I also didn’t think it was suitable to apply bright polishes especially when I working with clients, I bet they will give me those sideways glance (which sometimes they already do, considering they are curious at just how young I am!)

Anyway, back to the nail polish. I have never painted my nails black simply because my mom seems to related black nails to gothic. So, instead of going all black, I just painted the tip of my nails. The outcome is as above, but I’m quite disappointed as it didn’t turn out that neat. Haha, I guess I just need more practice.

Till next time.

Coliseum Cafe, childhood memories.

IMG_6866 “Established since 1921” :)

Oh, yes. The cafe has been around even before Malaysia was born. Till today, I could still vividly remember my first visit there ten years ago. I’m not surprise to see that the interior of the cafe still looks the same as it was. And I can bet that it will look just the same if I ever to visit there in another ten years time.

 IMG_6849 Meet the Coliseum Theatre. Still standing tall after so long.

As I passed by the theatre, I wondered if anyone still watched movies in there. I mean, were there even movies being shown there. If you’re just as curious as I am, yes, they still do. The ticketing counter and the entrance looked exactly like the olden days shows of Malaya.

page The entrance to the cafe. Potential job opportunities. The signage of Coliseum with a city backdrop. 

IMG_6868 There is a bar in the cafe, serving up various liquor. Cocktails is on the menu.

IMG_6874 Coat hangers! My, oh my. I was amused and amazed. Looks so Western-ish.

IMG_6871 This reminds me of those pubs in the cowboy towns, seen only in movies (since I haven’t had the opportunity to visit Texas?)

IMG_6876 Grilled NZ Lamb Steak. RM 26.90++

IMG_6877Chicken Chop Chinese Style, famously known as Hainanese style. RM 19.90++

IMG_6879Chicken Chop with Black Pepper Sauce. RM 19.90++

Ambience and atmosphere aside, let’s talk about the food there. To be honest, I didn’t like the Chicken Chop as they served chicken breast. I always prefer the chicken meat near the thigh area. But I think the Grilled Lamb Steak is good. Can’t explain in detail as I only got a bite of it, but I can assure it that it is better than my Chicken Chop. As for the Chinese Style, it’s definitely not my type of dish. I never really like tomatoes to begin with and the sauce for the Chinese Style Chop was a tomatoes based one with peas. I hate peas.

IMG_6860Honestly, I can’t help but feel like I’m being transported back in time. They said the same thing about Sek Yuan, but I didn’t really feel it there. Somehow, this cafe feels closer to heart.

IMG_6869 My brother. He so doesn’t fit into the whole Coliseum 1920’s look.

It is such a bliss to revisit the Coliseum Cafe. I never realised how much I missed that place. And I have also realised that now is truly the time when I can appreciate a timeless classic cafe like the Coliseum.

Water Marbling: 2nd Attempt!

Some time ago, I discovered the art of water marbling (read all about it here) and I decided to give it a try. However after multiple tries (in the first attempt), I have failed and yes, I gave up. However, a few weeks back, I had my girlfriends to come over for a manicure session at my place. The manicure session wasn’t all that successful. :( Maybe my choice of polish were too limited for their liking. As you know, I fancy bright striking colours. If it isn’t bright, it does not deserve a place in my nail polish collection.

Anyway, back to water marbling. One of the girls, Celia, decided we should try water marbling. So, she tried and tried a few times; and as usual the polish wouldn’t spread out. But but but, she finally did manage to do it and the result is as below! :)


As you can see it’s a bit messy and they are tiny air bubbles, but yes, in exchange for gorgeous marbling prints, you’ll have to deal with those flaws. However, you can put cello tape at the edge of your fingernails. It won’t get that messy then. After this successful attempt, the girls tried to recreate a similar water marbling but it didn’t turn out nice. Sighs. Why must water marbling be so hard?!

IMG_6572 Ombré Attempt 1!

During the manicure session, I also tried out the ombré manicure. And again, it was a failure. But it’s okay, I’m so going to try it again! :)

@thestar_rage’s - Photowalk in Pudu

Photowalking is the act of walking with a camera for the main purpose of taking pictures of things that the photographer may find interesting.

 IMG_6724 Started the day with an unassumingly delicious Hakka noodles. Why do I say so? Look at how plain the noodles are. It sure didn’t taste like plain noodles, in fact it’s really good.

IMG_6728One of the buildings around Pudu with unique windows. Moody picture, you think so?

IMG_6732It’s a boring shot. I think I need more practice. :)

IMG_6767 I think this shot was taken while we’re passing by a printing shop. Love the colours.

IMG_6746Meet the inspiring photographer who was my group’s guide. (I like this shot.)

Montage  This was her idea to take a series of picture of us. We had to look up, down, left, right, smile and camwhore.

IMG_6742  I don’t know what this is. Haha, but the fruit smells.

IMG_6740Mom says this guy is staring straight at me and is scary looking. :O

IMG_6743Out of nowhere, pops a window! Hahaa.

IMG_6737   My favourite shot! An accidental one, I would say. Initially I just wanted to take the fire hydrant, but the bus passed by and I thought why not take a picture of the hydrant, bus and all things yellow?

Series of FML.

I don’t cuss. I am against profanities. Yet, today, I swore and cursed, in public.

I don’t usually “fcuk my life”, simple because I know they are many others in worse situations than mine, and even then, they don’t “fcuk their life”.

But today, I broke every one of that principles that I held on to.

All for a miserable 30 marks of my portfolio. The cause for this, is no one but me, myself and I. One tiny mistake, spurred out from my lazy, nonchalant attitude has brought all this upon me.  So, yes, I would like to blame myself. Someone dear to me told me to not blame anyone, but to solve the problem and move on. Nope, I just did not have the courage to do that; I think I literally collapsed.

IMG_6723 Hopefully gone, good riddance.

IMG_6714 Unleashing the inner pirate in me. Thanks to my one sided shades.

A walk in the park. [With Cammy] – Part 2

IMG_6649 Considerably, the worst shot for today’s walk. I may sound a little too critical about my photographs - I know right. But this was shot without looking through my lens. I placed Cammy underneath the leaves and just snapped away. Actually looks fine-lar!
IMG_6675 I know this is a super plain shot. But I took it because I just felt like it. It’s simple, nice and free from clutter. Ah, such a peaceful shot, don’t you think so?
IMG_6673 Do you know what this reminds me of? The speck of dust which fell on the flower! From the movie, Horton Hears a Who! This flower certainly looked something like that.
horton-hears-a-who Spot the similarity! :)
IMG_6651 And guess who I meet there at the park? A ladybug! I’m so happy! It’s my first time seeing one and I managed to see a baby one also, but too small for me to take a picture of. :D
IMG_6662 Ladybug, ladybug, ladybug!
I would have never found these little wonders if it wasn’t for my brother who kept pestering me to bring him to the park. Luckily he dragged me there because I was so bloody stressed out and annoyed with my portfolio, I could use the fresh air. And I came back home, feeling lighter and happier.
And, out of the blue when my brother was gaming, I showed him a picture of a guy with 6 packs. I said, “Kah Lok, you must look like that next time.” He said, “Ewwwwwww.”

Hi. Have we met before?


Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge is here!

This is not an April’s Fools joke, it has been confirmed that the Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge will in Kuala Lumpur on April 9. :)

So, what is this JW Black Circuit Lounge about? Well, Johnnie Walker (if you don’t already know) is a world’s leading Scotch whisky, and they have teamed up with the Black Circuit Lounge to bring you the party of the year that allows you to experience the Formula One lifestyle!

Watch! Watch!


 Johnnie Walker’s Black Label on every table. [Are you drooling yet? *wink*]


Why Formula One, you ask? The F1 race is not just any ordinary sport, it’s the most sophisticated and stylish sport. And Johnnie Walker has partnered with  the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team because they both share common values of innovation, winning and leadership.

lewis-hamilton-et-jenson-button-l-3496 Meet Hot Guy 1 and Hot Guy 2. :P The drivers for the VMM team!

* * * * * * *

“What have you done to deserve the rewards of luxury and a successful lifestyle?”

“Me? I’m a girl. I was born to wear diamonds, to be pampered, showered with only the best in life and nothing short of that. Go ahead, ask any girls; they will tell you exactly the same thing.”

Not everyone was born with a diamonds encrusted silver spoon. I certainly wasn’t one of those girls. I was brought up to work my small ass off for what it’s worth, to always finish what I’ve started and to never give up in the blink of an eye. Because of that, I am who and where I am now. Would you believe me if I said in a few years time, I would be flying business class, to countries that I have only previously dream off? Watch me, then you’ll know I’m not fooling anyone.


But before all this happens, I would be partying at Johnnie Walker’s Black Circuit Lounge this coming 9th April. :) Want to know where you can get your hands on those passes?

* * * * * * *

“Never Drink And Drive.”

Soulless April’s Fools.


There are days when you feel so empty, alone, ugly. You think that you should put on make up to cover those flaws. But they don’t seem to help; they emphasizes more on your imperfections instead. Imperfections, you wonder why you can’t be fcuking perfect. That was all that you wanted anyway; why is it so hard on the soul to strive for perfection?  And while you’re on that impossible quest, you lose yourself, your friends, your loved ones.. you became someone else; you can’t even bear looking at yourself in the mirror. The only thing you’ve ever had was yourself and you’ve lost it. What do you do? You wished things would be like they used to. Then, you realised you’re back to square one, feeling empty, alone and ugly. And that life is a vicious cycle.