Black(out)ed Pink Polish!


After a three months fast from applying bright polishes, I would like to announce that I am back, peeps! Uh-huh, uh-huh. Reason being for that fast was because I was interning in a professional firm, hence I don’t think bright nail polishes are a generally accepted work culture there? Nah, I also didn’t think it was suitable to apply bright polishes especially when I working with clients, I bet they will give me those sideways glance (which sometimes they already do, considering they are curious at just how young I am!)

Anyway, back to the nail polish. I have never painted my nails black simply because my mom seems to related black nails to gothic. So, instead of going all black, I just painted the tip of my nails. The outcome is as above, but I’m quite disappointed as it didn’t turn out that neat. Haha, I guess I just need more practice.

Till next time.

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