Coliseum Cafe, childhood memories.

IMG_6866 “Established since 1921” :)

Oh, yes. The cafe has been around even before Malaysia was born. Till today, I could still vividly remember my first visit there ten years ago. I’m not surprise to see that the interior of the cafe still looks the same as it was. And I can bet that it will look just the same if I ever to visit there in another ten years time.

 IMG_6849 Meet the Coliseum Theatre. Still standing tall after so long.

As I passed by the theatre, I wondered if anyone still watched movies in there. I mean, were there even movies being shown there. If you’re just as curious as I am, yes, they still do. The ticketing counter and the entrance looked exactly like the olden days shows of Malaya.

page The entrance to the cafe. Potential job opportunities. The signage of Coliseum with a city backdrop. 

IMG_6868 There is a bar in the cafe, serving up various liquor. Cocktails is on the menu.

IMG_6874 Coat hangers! My, oh my. I was amused and amazed. Looks so Western-ish.

IMG_6871 This reminds me of those pubs in the cowboy towns, seen only in movies (since I haven’t had the opportunity to visit Texas?)

IMG_6876 Grilled NZ Lamb Steak. RM 26.90++

IMG_6877Chicken Chop Chinese Style, famously known as Hainanese style. RM 19.90++

IMG_6879Chicken Chop with Black Pepper Sauce. RM 19.90++

Ambience and atmosphere aside, let’s talk about the food there. To be honest, I didn’t like the Chicken Chop as they served chicken breast. I always prefer the chicken meat near the thigh area. But I think the Grilled Lamb Steak is good. Can’t explain in detail as I only got a bite of it, but I can assure it that it is better than my Chicken Chop. As for the Chinese Style, it’s definitely not my type of dish. I never really like tomatoes to begin with and the sauce for the Chinese Style Chop was a tomatoes based one with peas. I hate peas.

IMG_6860Honestly, I can’t help but feel like I’m being transported back in time. They said the same thing about Sek Yuan, but I didn’t really feel it there. Somehow, this cafe feels closer to heart.

IMG_6869 My brother. He so doesn’t fit into the whole Coliseum 1920’s look.

It is such a bliss to revisit the Coliseum Cafe. I never realised how much I missed that place. And I have also realised that now is truly the time when I can appreciate a timeless classic cafe like the Coliseum.

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