Series of FML.

I don’t cuss. I am against profanities. Yet, today, I swore and cursed, in public.

I don’t usually “fcuk my life”, simple because I know they are many others in worse situations than mine, and even then, they don’t “fcuk their life”.

But today, I broke every one of that principles that I held on to.

All for a miserable 30 marks of my portfolio. The cause for this, is no one but me, myself and I. One tiny mistake, spurred out from my lazy, nonchalant attitude has brought all this upon me.  So, yes, I would like to blame myself. Someone dear to me told me to not blame anyone, but to solve the problem and move on. Nope, I just did not have the courage to do that; I think I literally collapsed.

IMG_6723 Hopefully gone, good riddance.

IMG_6714 Unleashing the inner pirate in me. Thanks to my one sided shades.

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