@thestar_rage’s - Photowalk in Pudu

Photowalking is the act of walking with a camera for the main purpose of taking pictures of things that the photographer may find interesting.

 IMG_6724 Started the day with an unassumingly delicious Hakka noodles. Why do I say so? Look at how plain the noodles are. It sure didn’t taste like plain noodles, in fact it’s really good.

IMG_6728One of the buildings around Pudu with unique windows. Moody picture, you think so?

IMG_6732It’s a boring shot. I think I need more practice. :)

IMG_6767 I think this shot was taken while we’re passing by a printing shop. Love the colours.

IMG_6746Meet the inspiring photographer who was my group’s guide. (I like this shot.)

Montage  This was her idea to take a series of picture of us. We had to look up, down, left, right, smile and camwhore.

IMG_6742  I don’t know what this is. Haha, but the fruit smells.

IMG_6740Mom says this guy is staring straight at me and is scary looking. :O

IMG_6743Out of nowhere, pops a window! Hahaa.

IMG_6737   My favourite shot! An accidental one, I would say. Initially I just wanted to take the fire hydrant, but the bus passed by and I thought why not take a picture of the hydrant, bus and all things yellow?


  1. I like the last one. Haha.

    Hey, the captcha also spells "outingu".

  2. I know! Love the last one too. So how are the pics (in overall)?

    LOL. Sounds like outing, huh? :)

  3. Your pictures? Hehe, a little morbid, probably because when you were post processing the pictures, you were feeling like that. :D