Water Marbling: 2nd Attempt!

Some time ago, I discovered the art of water marbling (read all about it here) and I decided to give it a try. However after multiple tries (in the first attempt), I have failed and yes, I gave up. However, a few weeks back, I had my girlfriends to come over for a manicure session at my place. The manicure session wasn’t all that successful. :( Maybe my choice of polish were too limited for their liking. As you know, I fancy bright striking colours. If it isn’t bright, it does not deserve a place in my nail polish collection.

Anyway, back to water marbling. One of the girls, Celia, decided we should try water marbling. So, she tried and tried a few times; and as usual the polish wouldn’t spread out. But but but, she finally did manage to do it and the result is as below! :)


As you can see it’s a bit messy and they are tiny air bubbles, but yes, in exchange for gorgeous marbling prints, you’ll have to deal with those flaws. However, you can put cello tape at the edge of your fingernails. It won’t get that messy then. After this successful attempt, the girls tried to recreate a similar water marbling but it didn’t turn out nice. Sighs. Why must water marbling be so hard?!

IMG_6572 Ombré Attempt 1!

During the manicure session, I also tried out the ombré manicure. And again, it was a failure. But it’s okay, I’m so going to try it again! :)

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