Black Shatter; Imperfection at its best.

I think I have teased you gals long enough. Does anyone out there recall the teaser post I posted exactly one week ago? *silence, crickets sounds can be heard* Haha, if you missed that post or need a recap, do click here!

So, which nail polish did I managed to get my hands on? It’s none other than the famous OPI Black Shatter! Yeap, I’ve got the Black Shatter polish and I’m loving it to bits.

IMG_7081 This nail polish have officially became my favourite polish ever. I’m an OPI virgin, and this nail polish is my first.

The polish shatters in such uneven and unpredictable manner, but yet I love it. I love how each nail have a completely different pattern. I love how, it just look edgy so effortlessly. They shatter in very imperfect way, contrary to how I loved my nails to be smooth and flawless. Now, my nails have cracks. But it gives me a chance to let loose and be less obsessed about how flawed my nails become like; the morning after when I get bed nails or when I get air bubbles in them.

IMG_7083 A closer look on my nails.

As you can see I was too excited to show you the nails, that I didn’t even cleaned off the edges of my nails. :) But like I said, the Black Shatter allows me to embrace imperfection and accept flaws. I love this polish! The easiest nail art ever! And oh, I’ve got another OPI nail polish to review on. That’s coming soon!

Photoshoot in the Park. With @KahWai.

About a few days back, my sister had dragged me to the park and asked me to take some pictures for her. Well, she needed some pictures of herself for some high top secret stuff that she won’t allow me to whisper even a breath to anyone. So, yes. She decided to have the shoot at the park since it’s the most convenient place. I wasn’t sure how the shoot would go since I have zero experience in portrait photography. But there were some pictures which I thought was okay for a first timer. :) Have a look, will ya?

* * * * * * * * * * * *




page twin 

* * * * * * * * * * * *

So, what do you think of the pictures? Do tell me if you have any comments, yes?


French Mani’s Evil Twin Sister.


When I told my friends and family that I painted the French Mani’s evil twin sister, they just gave me the blank look. Only when I showed them what I did with my nails, they got what I mean. Well, you see, I was pretty bored when I did the French Mani, it’s elegant but boring and predictable. So, I thought of painting the tips in black. If you noticed, my right finger nails are the complete opposite of my left; it’s short and black. And evil. :P

Happy Birthday, Dad!

IMG_6999_edit Oh, boy. There are so many candles on the cake. I told myself that when I have that many candles on my cake, I better be living my dream by then.

IMG_7004_editFYI, I don’t like eating cakes anymore.

Find Penang Homestay Rentals.

These days we can rent just about anything; cars, rooms, houses, bags, clothes and now, homestay? Well, you read that right, it is homestay that you can rent. Have you ever heard of a homestay programme before?

home·stay (\ˈhōm-ˌstā\), : a stay at a residence by a traveller and especially by a visiting foreign student who is hosted by a local family

That was the definition of homestay from the Merriam-Webster dictionary. But these days, homestay aren’t just limited to foreign students. In fact, I’ve been on a homestay programme before and I got to stay in a ‘kampung’ house. I don’t want to sound ungrateful, but it was a bad experience for me as the house was filthy and dirty.

My semester break is just round the corner and I might be planning a trip to Penang. I was considering in staying in a hotel, well, that was at least until I stumbled upon Penang Homestay’s website. Now, I have decided homestay was the way to go. Why the sudden change of mind, you ask?


Well, you see, the homestay I’m talking about is not the usual homestay programme or what not. It’s basically a short term rental of a room or a house, if you’re travelling in a big group. Take this condominium I spotted for example.


It’s a resort condominium, full with various facilities with 3 fully furnished bedrooms. I think it would fit a family of 5 comfortably. The idea is that instead of booking probably two or three hotel rooms, you can actually rent a condo unit for a few days. There is much more privacy and of course, you don’t have to cramp in a shoe box. I recall, my parents renting a condo unit before; I think it’s nicer that way than to stay in hotels. Plus, you’ll actually save some money. Guess how much the rental of this unit is?


Tada! Only RM 300, daily. That is way cheaper than a lot of hotel rooms! I mean if we’re talking about a family of 5.  Based the screenshot captured from the website, you can actually check the availability of the unit. Yeap, how convenient, right?

Pssst, I checked the unit for June. And it’s available after my exams, where do you think I’ll be heading to then? :)

Till next time, peeps!

New nail polishes, teaser post!


I can’t believe I’m starting this post with a picture of my feet. I’m not sure if some of you are even comfortable with the idea of looking at my feet. But, the focus isn’t on my feet, it should be on the new nail polish I got! I’m not going to reveal which nail polish is it yet, but they were on my Fashion Wants! List. That is a clue itself, if you want to guess. Or you can just wait for the swatches of the new polishes!

The Food Filler Post. [Part 2]


Hi hi! This will be a short filler post because I have an exam due this week and I haven’t studied yet. Well, I did try. But when I did the questions, ohmyholymama…. I got most of them wrong. So I figured I’ll take a break and blog a little because I simply miss blogging. :S

Anyway, this time, the filler post is about the lunch my mom cooked for the family. I’m not sure if you’ll classify them as Western or what… but actually I’m think it should be Western.

So, what is on my plate?

  • Beef meatballs! (My absolute favourite. I heart the Chinese and the Western version.)
  • Roasted garlic. (First time having them, and it might sound “Ugh, how can you eat the garlic just like that!” but it tasted really out of this world, unexpectedly.)
  • Hash browns! (Again, my first time eating them. You can say I’m ‘jakun’. Haha, this was good too!)
  • Black peppered hot dog. (Umm, so-so. Btw, anyone know of any restaurants that serve delicious German sausages? If you do know, would appreciate if you can drop a comment. I’ve been craving for them since forever.
  • Mashed potatoes. (Can I be bias and say that it is good because I smashed them? Well, I did use my bare hands to mash them up. But the seasoning credits should go to my mom and sis. They used mozzarella cheese, plenty of butter and black pepper, that equals to an out of this world mashed potatoes!)
  • Tomatoes and cucumber salad. (I hate tomatoes. So I don’t like this side dish.)

Till next time! My mom is awesome! Love it when she makes Western dishes.

The Food Filler Post.

KFC AM copy

Does this awesome, deliciously looking bun looks familiar to you? Can I also say that the picture is heavily photoshopped? (You’ll know why at the bottom of the post) :P

Anyway, my mom decided to do a similar bun in the same fashion to please my brother, who has been bugging my mom to make them… since my parents aren’t bringing him to KFC for the AM Smart Breakfast. This is how she did it.


It’s pretty simple if you want to try to make it at home too actually. Here my mom used potato bun, but I wouldn’t recommend that as you’ll get a salty and sweet taste. A bit funky, actually. Haha, of course you can opt to use a normal bun. And also, my mom didn’t fry an egg, instead she fried up some chicken patties and place them in the buns! Taste pretty awesome, and it’s almost hassle free. Of course, you’ll need an oven to melt the cheddar cheese on the top.

And now, you’ll probably want to know why I said the KFC picture on the top was heavily edited, right? I’ll show you why.


Looks damn disgusting, right? And to think back the time when it was first introduced and I had so badly wanted to try them. But I never had the time, which I thanked God, I didn’t, now.

Johnnie Walker’s Black Circuit Lounge!

Note: This post is way way overdue. Formula 1 has probably moved on to a gazillion countries since the Malaysian round. Haha. So, I’m just going to do a photo post. Enjoy!

IMG_6587 It says this way in, not the another.

IMG_6602 Welcome to the Black Circuit Lounge. :) What’s inside?


IMG_6589 Meet the DJ that was spinning when I took this picture. LOL. Sowee, I don’t know his name.

IMG_6597 Me + Super Gorgeous Bartender; Amanda.

IMG_6610Here’s a toast to a fantastic night! To be honest, I didn’t really fancy the cocktails. I like it on the rock, or with coke.

IMG_6615 One for the album. The party really did feel like a VIP one, tonnes of fast, expensive cars.

IMG_6616 The event venue was kept a secret.. so where was it held at? At Le Marquee, Palace of the Golden Horses. :)

Looking forward to the next Black Circuit Lounge, next year!

Black Shimmer Beauty.


Of all the nail arts that I have done, I must admit that I am absolutely in love with this nail design. It’s so simple, classic and elegant! Like the French Manicure, right?


Here is a closer look to the nail art design. Basically, I painted the shimmery white layer and then I painted a black polish over it. But Cammy didn’t manage to capture how shiny it really was; this picture was taken under sunlight anyway. And if you looked closely, you’ll be able to see streaks on black polish on my nails. This is cause I didn’t wait for the black polish to dry completely before applying my top coat! And also, I used stickers to guide me when I’m painting the shimmery layer but even then I didn’t manage to paint them in equal width. Haha, I so need more practice.

I’m thinking of replacing the black polish with a white one the next round, should I? :)

Meet my Pink Bias. :)


I have a few shades of pink polish but this colour has got to be my favourite colour of my collection. To be honest, this picture doesn’t really do much justice to the nail polish because the polish actually have a jelly like finish! And also, the colour is a sweet pink one, closer to the shade of a hot pink polish; but not quite as bright and striking as the hot pink. Out of boredom, I decided to paint a plus sign, + on my middle finger. I don’t really like it as it is a bit thick.

Hope you girls enjoyed this short post. I have another one coming right up… :)

PS. This pink polish is from Etude house.