Black Shatter; Imperfection at its best.

I think I have teased you gals long enough. Does anyone out there recall the teaser post I posted exactly one week ago? *silence, crickets sounds can be heard* Haha, if you missed that post or need a recap, do click here!

So, which nail polish did I managed to get my hands on? It’s none other than the famous OPI Black Shatter! Yeap, I’ve got the Black Shatter polish and I’m loving it to bits.

IMG_7081 This nail polish have officially became my favourite polish ever. I’m an OPI virgin, and this nail polish is my first.

The polish shatters in such uneven and unpredictable manner, but yet I love it. I love how each nail have a completely different pattern. I love how, it just look edgy so effortlessly. They shatter in very imperfect way, contrary to how I loved my nails to be smooth and flawless. Now, my nails have cracks. But it gives me a chance to let loose and be less obsessed about how flawed my nails become like; the morning after when I get bed nails or when I get air bubbles in them.

IMG_7083 A closer look on my nails.

As you can see I was too excited to show you the nails, that I didn’t even cleaned off the edges of my nails. :) But like I said, the Black Shatter allows me to embrace imperfection and accept flaws. I love this polish! The easiest nail art ever! And oh, I’ve got another OPI nail polish to review on. That’s coming soon!

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