Black Shimmer Beauty.


Of all the nail arts that I have done, I must admit that I am absolutely in love with this nail design. It’s so simple, classic and elegant! Like the French Manicure, right?


Here is a closer look to the nail art design. Basically, I painted the shimmery white layer and then I painted a black polish over it. But Cammy didn’t manage to capture how shiny it really was; this picture was taken under sunlight anyway. And if you looked closely, you’ll be able to see streaks on black polish on my nails. This is cause I didn’t wait for the black polish to dry completely before applying my top coat! And also, I used stickers to guide me when I’m painting the shimmery layer but even then I didn’t manage to paint them in equal width. Haha, I so need more practice.

I’m thinking of replacing the black polish with a white one the next round, should I? :)

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