The Food Filler Post. [Part 2]


Hi hi! This will be a short filler post because I have an exam due this week and I haven’t studied yet. Well, I did try. But when I did the questions, ohmyholymama…. I got most of them wrong. So I figured I’ll take a break and blog a little because I simply miss blogging. :S

Anyway, this time, the filler post is about the lunch my mom cooked for the family. I’m not sure if you’ll classify them as Western or what… but actually I’m think it should be Western.

So, what is on my plate?

  • Beef meatballs! (My absolute favourite. I heart the Chinese and the Western version.)
  • Roasted garlic. (First time having them, and it might sound “Ugh, how can you eat the garlic just like that!” but it tasted really out of this world, unexpectedly.)
  • Hash browns! (Again, my first time eating them. You can say I’m ‘jakun’. Haha, this was good too!)
  • Black peppered hot dog. (Umm, so-so. Btw, anyone know of any restaurants that serve delicious German sausages? If you do know, would appreciate if you can drop a comment. I’ve been craving for them since forever.
  • Mashed potatoes. (Can I be bias and say that it is good because I smashed them? Well, I did use my bare hands to mash them up. But the seasoning credits should go to my mom and sis. They used mozzarella cheese, plenty of butter and black pepper, that equals to an out of this world mashed potatoes!)
  • Tomatoes and cucumber salad. (I hate tomatoes. So I don’t like this side dish.)

Till next time! My mom is awesome! Love it when she makes Western dishes.

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