Clinique Star Tour 2011.

Growing up isn’t necessarily fun [Life = So much simpler back then!]. When I was younger, I used to dream a lot. I don’t really remember what was it exactly, but I do know that I wanted to be somebody famous! And now, the inner child in me is tempted to go and grab the chance to become a supermodel wannabe! Uh-huh, because the Clinique Star Tour is back in 2011. I didn’t manage to catch them in 2010, so for sure I was going to attend this one.

* * * * * * * * *

Picture copy

Together with Cleo magazine, Clinique “Mobile Makeover Studio” will travel across the city, providing us, girls with an opportunity to learn more about our skin concerns, experience makeup application and hair styling well as have our photo taken by a photographer. The “Mobile Makeover Studio” is a custom built 3-tonne truck designed to fit 8 makeup and hair stations with a mini-studio. 

For the makeover, you will have to purchase the Star Tour 2011 voucher at RM 35, and it includes; 

  1. Clinique 3-Step Skin Analysis and Prepping
  2. Makeup by Clinique Makeup Experts
  3. Hair-Styled by Miko Galere
  4. Fashion photograph 
  5. Door Gift worth approximately RM 130
  6. Lucky draw (Handphones and cameras by Samsung & vouchers from Miko Galere and Clinique fragrance)

You can catch the Clinique Star Tour at the following locations! I’ll be heading to the Sunway Pyramid one this coming 2nd July. ;) Nothing better to start off the month of July with a makeover!


At the end of the tour in August, all photos will be collected and posted on the website where Malaysians can vote their top 25 favourites.  Clinique and Cleo experts will then pick the lucky winner from the pre-selected contestants. The winner receives a head-to-toe makeover styled by Cleo for the cover shoot and RM 5000 worth of Clinique products personalized to their skin needs.  So, you girls excited about it already?! I sure hope to see you girls there! :)

PS – Guess who launched the Clinique Fresh Face Tour 2009 (US version)? Taylor Momsen! Hehe.


Random Monday: Bubblified Egg!

IMG_7376psThis egg was one of them cause it so funky looking with small, little pop-able bubbles and topped with black soy sauce. :P And I had to put in some words, because I’m weird that way. Fried egg, anyone?

Hehe. I know that this is totally random, so please do bear with me. *flashes toothy smile* You would probably be seeing more of these random one picture filler post, simply because it was the holidays a few weeks back and I basically took picture of things around the house that interests me. Which is why I’m going to start a Random Monday post from now onwards, so it’ll seem okay to post totally random pictures on my blog. What a ingenious way, I’m such a genius (this rhymes!).

In The Garden; Meet the Pink Beauty.


Before you go, “Not another pink themed pictures?!”, hear me out first. :) These pictures are not edited for the dragonfly to be pink in colour. It is purely the natural colour of the dragonfly; the only thing I did to the pictures was to post-process and enhance it a little to make the pink pop out a little more. Or else, the pictures would turn out rather bland as it was taken under direct sunlight.. so and so and so (you get my point).


The first shot was a spontaneous one, since I wasn’t actually planning to take a picture of the it. I managed another shot, which was quite similar, so I didn’t post that up. Then I actually tried to take a better shot of it, and the second picture was the best I could get. Because somehow, I think the dragonfly now knows I’m taking a picture of it and so, it doesn’t even land long enough for me to get my angle. :S Oh well, I thought these two shots were actually okay.

Do tell me what you think about these shots, yea? Thanks!


Btw, these shots were taken in my very own garden. :D So, sometimes, you don’t have to go searching far for a good subject. Look around closely, and you’ll be surprised with what you can find.

CFAB; 1½ years later.

Oh, how time flies. Thinking back, I could still remember the first day of my class. We were so quiet and everyone actually did the homework on the spot, during break time. HAHA. Now, that is so rare. As a class, we have been through a lot. Personally, I don’t recognize myself back then. I know, I’ve changed so much. College, is definitely one of the major turning point in my life. Heartache, a plenty but happy moments were always abundant. And now, after a year and a half, we will be moving on to ICAEW. So proud, that we made it this far. :)

IMG_7449ps copycolorMy super thick Taxation manual. I took my textbooks, they look so daunting.

Sparkly Purple + Heart Shaped Mani

Thistle Shatter 1 copy

I have always love purple; I do have a few polishes of that shade. But sadly, I hardly wear these because there are so pastel. Oh-so-very-bland, and not striking; like my other polishes. Hence, they were neglected. So, one day, just out of the blue I decided to paint my nail with Elianto’s Thistle. However, the texture has since changed since I bought it one year ago. It turns out very streaky and being the perfectionist I am, I had to do something about it. I layered my nails with a gorgeous sheer, teeny weeny sparkly purple polish from Face Shop. And just like that, I fell in love with my nails. Also, I decided to leave my ring finger free from shatter polish, as an accent nail.

Do you like love my heart shaped manicure? Please tell me you do, because I am in love with it! It was actually inspired from Katy Perry nails during her performance of “Not Like The Movies” at the 2011’s Grammys (picture inset)! It so cute and very easy to do, I used stickers as guidelines and voila! :) I’m going to make more heart themed manicures, so look forward to those yea?

Here’s another picture, though it from a less obvious angle. You can’t really see the heart shaped from here, right?

* * * * * * * * * *

Extra Info: To be honest, I never really like Elianto’s polishes. Their brushes are far too tiny, it’s hard to apply when you have long nails. Oh, I also face the same problem with Etude House petite series. What about Face Shop?! I love Face Shop brushes, theirs are thick just OPI, which makes them super easy to apply on.

Project: Theme Pink!

Woots! The pink themed photography project is finally done. Yay for me, because I procrastinated so much, it dragged on to weeks just to finish up the project. And now, looking back, I realised I could have finished them in a flash if I wanted it. Blah. And suddenly I wished I took more pictures for the project because four pictures seem so little now! AH.

* * * * * * * * * * *

the pink campaign copy

What's Wrong w WIth Pink color edit watermarked copy Embracing The Pink colour edit copy Hot Pink Shatter copy

1. Aurora, The Sleeping Beauty

2. Pink Halter Top, mentioned in the I See Pink! post

3. Pink Capri Pants

4. Elianto’s Hot Pink + OPI Shatter Polish

* * * * * * * * * * *

This project was inspired after the Pink Halter top I wore in the I See Pink! post. I went home, did some self portrait shots using Cammy, my Canon S90’s Colour Accent feature. I wanted only the pink in every picture to stand out, and that feature really helped me a lot. Of course, the pictures were then post-processed using a few photo editing software. I hope you enjoyed this post. I’m already working on another photography project already. :) Do keep a look out for that.

I See Pink!

About a few weeks ago, I decided to pull off a vintage sheer blouse with a pink lace halter top beneath it. I paired those up with a black skinnies and red belt. I thought it looked okay, until I went to college and my (guy) friends was like, “Err, what are you wearing?” or “It would have looked good without the pink top”.  Even, my lecturer gave me the O.o look and asked me what and why I am wearing such an outfit. In case I got you curious enough about the outfit, here is a snapshot of it. Very impromptu, I shall forewarn you.
IMG_4289_editI know, you can’t really see the actual pink colour of the top here since I edited the picture.
pink new black copy  So, the actual pink colour should be around this colour. Though, it is actually much softer in shade. I hope you get what I mean.
So, anyway, since the pink was such the big no-no in that outfit, I decided to swap it with a plain black spaghetti strap. I didn’t try it on, but instead I did take a picture of it.
IMG_7192_edit So, this is how it would have looked like if I wore a black top on the inside instead of the pink one. And yes, I paired my earlier outfit with my patented snakeskin shoe. Hehe.
I got a feeling that if we do a vote, maybe you guys will still pick the black over the pink. I don’t know what you guys do that but I really want to know;
“what’s wrong with pink?”
Look out for a upcoming Project Pink. :P

“Reflecting on yesterday.” + [Eggstastic Pics]


So, it was Father’s Day yesterday but It wasn’t much of a “Happy Father’s Day”. A little goes a long way; it is also true that a tiny issue can affect, so much as, to spoil a supposed beautiful day. How can we let a day, an hour, a second go by with so much unhappiness. Sometimes, we have to know when enough is enough. And to learn to let go.

Mom said, that maybe we should have done more stuff for my dad since we did so much for her on Mother’s Day. Yes, I got to admit that fathers are usually the less celebrated ones. Maybe I don’t know my dad well enough, but I do know that he loves me in ways that I, myself cannot put into words. Nevertheless, I love you, Dad. <3”

* * * * * * * * * * *

Well, I’m sorry to start off with an emotional bit but, it is something I had to let go off. :) Anyway, I have some pictures of some unique red-dyed eggs (those for the full moon babies) that I wanted to show you all. I did think how inappropriate it was to mash it up in this post but I didn’t want to spam by adding yet another random post. So, here it goes!

IMG_7341editChicken-poxed Egg. Dare you eat this? :)

IMG_7353edit  This is just ugh! Haha, so scary looking. Reminds me of an evil eye!

☀ + ☂ = ?

PS – Sorry for the word(less) back to back posts. I’m a bit tad bored, and I’m in the mood to edit and take totally random pictures.


Do you know what that kind of life feels like?

A walk in the park. [With Cammy] – Quotes Edition


IMG_7105edit So darn distracted I cannot study. What the hell is wrong with me. Talk to me.

The Weekend Filler Post.

“It’s the weekends, the weekends…” to be sung in the tune of Friday by Rebecca Black.

So yes, the weekends have come and gone just like that. For the past 48 hours, I pretty much cannot recall much of anything useful that I had actually done. Yeap, I slacked off my weekends. Let just say it’s a bad habit of mine, because every time after I sat for any exams; be it a progress test, mock or finals, I must slack. Simply say, I’m really not in the mood to get back to the books. But I really have to, cause my final paper of an hour thirty minutes is on this coming Friday! And after that, I’m going to bogey down! Hehe. Anyway, I’ll post up a few pictures of what I ate and did during the weekends.

IMG_7268editresizeThis is my Dad’s attempt at making Tom Yam Fish, it would have been a nice meal if it was not for the fact that the fish was bitter! Apparently, the guy who cleaned the fish accidentally cut the bile, hence the bitter taste stuck on the fish.

IMG_7273editresize Can you see what I see? Mommy cooked a whole big fat juicy chicken for dinner! I have never been so happy before! Recently, mom hasn’t been cooking up some real delicious meals, maybe cause they take up a lot of time and effort. Nevertheless, the chicken was awesome! Hehe. Roast chicken is next. :)

IMG_7275I finally got to paint my right hand nails. Why finally? Simply because I loathe painting with my left hands, they always turn out ugly. Anyway, I just wanted to point out that the OPI Black Shatter looks almost ugly on short nails. :( Seriously. I’ll admit that I didn’t paint the shatter polish nicely but I really don’t like it on short nails. Wait, till you see them on my long nails in the upcoming Pink Campaign post! I swear you’ll love those.

Okays, that is all for now! I have a call with my loved one, waiting for me. :) Tata!

4714513952_d8d741e8e6_z By the way, I stumbled upon this picture on Tumblr and I cannot believe it is an Etude House polish! Which is why I’m running straight to Etude tomorrow to get it! Tee hee.

HP Roadshow @Sun-U Digital Fair!

Oh yea! You’ll probably hear this first from me, because I have got the inside scoop that HP will be having a roadshow at the Sunway University’s upcoming Digital Fair! I’ll give you all the details of the fair at the bottom of the post.
But first, let me ask you a little question; do you have an old, faulty printer which can’t seem to work anymore and is just sitting in a corner of your house collecting dust? Well, if you do have, you’re in luck! Simply because, when you trade in any printer (working or faulty), you’ll get rebate and discounts from HP! There is no better time to get a printer than now, students. :)
CN245A_400x400   [Photosmart Wireless e-AIO B110a] RM 369 | Free RM 30 voucher + Photo Paper 
officejet-6500a-e-all-in-one[Officejet 6500A e-AIO] RM 659 | Free RM 50 voucher + Photo Paper | 2 Years Warranty
Besides that, two other HP Printer; the D2060 and the K209a will be sold at the Digital Fair as well. The D2060 is priced at RM 249 with free photo paper and an additional RM 30 voucher with a trade in. The same goes for the K209a except the that it is priced at RM 319. And also, if you were to purchase any ink, you’ll get photo paper for free. By the way, did you know that for RM27, HP ink advantage cartridge allows you to print up to 600 pages? I could print like my research paper a million times cause it so cheap! Hehe.

So, where can you get these exclusive offers from? Details as below!

Sunway University Digital Fair
Venue: Sunway University Cafeteria
Date: 8th - 10th June  (Wednesday - Friday) 
Time: 9a.m.-6p.m.

PS: I’ve been told that these prices are actually the PC Fair prices! So, you won’t need to go all the way to the PC Fair to get discounts! You can get them here. :) Hurry!

Can I wear this for my graduation?

Earthy Tones

Like recently, I attended a graduation for financial planners and I realised that in a few years time I would be in their shoes, except of course, I would graduate as chartered accountants. This got me thinking, about what I would want to wear to my graduation. So, I went to and started to create a set. Ta-da! This is what I came up with. Do you think I could wear this to my graduation? :)

Allow me… to rant.

These days, I find it extremely hard to fall asleep. I could blame my sickness for not being able to sleep, but deep down, I know my insomnia is back. Those were the days I dread, I do not mind not being able to sleep but it is in these sleepless nights that my mind works extra hours, thinking way too many things that I can not handle. Worst of it all, would be that my thoughts do not come slow, it flashes so fast that before I can even grasp it, it would be replaced with another, and so forth. Funny, how my mind works in way that I can not even comprehend but one thing I know is that it is living nightmare.


So often, I feel caged. We, all live in world filled with boundaries, some are necessarily, most are not. Look at her, the crane origami, how does she feels being inside the glass? Protected? Safe? Secure? Blue? No matter what happens outside the glass, she stays the same over time. I am so much like the crane, as much I wish to fly away, sometimes, I realise it is safer to be on the inside. God, please give me the courage.