Allow me… to rant.

These days, I find it extremely hard to fall asleep. I could blame my sickness for not being able to sleep, but deep down, I know my insomnia is back. Those were the days I dread, I do not mind not being able to sleep but it is in these sleepless nights that my mind works extra hours, thinking way too many things that I can not handle. Worst of it all, would be that my thoughts do not come slow, it flashes so fast that before I can even grasp it, it would be replaced with another, and so forth. Funny, how my mind works in way that I can not even comprehend but one thing I know is that it is living nightmare.


So often, I feel caged. We, all live in world filled with boundaries, some are necessarily, most are not. Look at her, the crane origami, how does she feels being inside the glass? Protected? Safe? Secure? Blue? No matter what happens outside the glass, she stays the same over time. I am so much like the crane, as much I wish to fly away, sometimes, I realise it is safer to be on the inside. God, please give me the courage.

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