I See Pink!

About a few weeks ago, I decided to pull off a vintage sheer blouse with a pink lace halter top beneath it. I paired those up with a black skinnies and red belt. I thought it looked okay, until I went to college and my (guy) friends was like, “Err, what are you wearing?” or “It would have looked good without the pink top”.  Even, my lecturer gave me the O.o look and asked me what and why I am wearing such an outfit. In case I got you curious enough about the outfit, here is a snapshot of it. Very impromptu, I shall forewarn you.
IMG_4289_editI know, you can’t really see the actual pink colour of the top here since I edited the picture.
pink new black copy  So, the actual pink colour should be around this colour. Though, it is actually much softer in shade. I hope you get what I mean.
So, anyway, since the pink was such the big no-no in that outfit, I decided to swap it with a plain black spaghetti strap. I didn’t try it on, but instead I did take a picture of it.
IMG_7192_edit So, this is how it would have looked like if I wore a black top on the inside instead of the pink one. And yes, I paired my earlier outfit with my patented snakeskin shoe. Hehe.
I got a feeling that if we do a vote, maybe you guys will still pick the black over the pink. I don’t know what you guys do that but I really want to know;
“what’s wrong with pink?”
Look out for a upcoming Project Pink. :P

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