Sparkly Purple + Heart Shaped Mani

Thistle Shatter 1 copy

I have always love purple; I do have a few polishes of that shade. But sadly, I hardly wear these because there are so pastel. Oh-so-very-bland, and not striking; like my other polishes. Hence, they were neglected. So, one day, just out of the blue I decided to paint my nail with Elianto’s Thistle. However, the texture has since changed since I bought it one year ago. It turns out very streaky and being the perfectionist I am, I had to do something about it. I layered my nails with a gorgeous sheer, teeny weeny sparkly purple polish from Face Shop. And just like that, I fell in love with my nails. Also, I decided to leave my ring finger free from shatter polish, as an accent nail.

Do you like love my heart shaped manicure? Please tell me you do, because I am in love with it! It was actually inspired from Katy Perry nails during her performance of “Not Like The Movies” at the 2011’s Grammys (picture inset)! It so cute and very easy to do, I used stickers as guidelines and voila! :) I’m going to make more heart themed manicures, so look forward to those yea?

Here’s another picture, though it from a less obvious angle. You can’t really see the heart shaped from here, right?

* * * * * * * * * *

Extra Info: To be honest, I never really like Elianto’s polishes. Their brushes are far too tiny, it’s hard to apply when you have long nails. Oh, I also face the same problem with Etude House petite series. What about Face Shop?! I love Face Shop brushes, theirs are thick just OPI, which makes them super easy to apply on.

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