“Reflecting on yesterday.” + [Eggstastic Pics]


So, it was Father’s Day yesterday but It wasn’t much of a “Happy Father’s Day”. A little goes a long way; it is also true that a tiny issue can affect, so much as, to spoil a supposed beautiful day. How can we let a day, an hour, a second go by with so much unhappiness. Sometimes, we have to know when enough is enough. And to learn to let go.

Mom said, that maybe we should have done more stuff for my dad since we did so much for her on Mother’s Day. Yes, I got to admit that fathers are usually the less celebrated ones. Maybe I don’t know my dad well enough, but I do know that he loves me in ways that I, myself cannot put into words. Nevertheless, I love you, Dad. <3”

* * * * * * * * * * *

Well, I’m sorry to start off with an emotional bit but, it is something I had to let go off. :) Anyway, I have some pictures of some unique red-dyed eggs (those for the full moon babies) that I wanted to show you all. I did think how inappropriate it was to mash it up in this post but I didn’t want to spam by adding yet another random post. So, here it goes!

IMG_7341editChicken-poxed Egg. Dare you eat this? :)

IMG_7353edit  This is just ugh! Haha, so scary looking. Reminds me of an evil eye!


  1. is that a shot glass? where u place the egg on top?

  2. Yeap, that is a shot glass. I placed the egg on the shot glass, and the glass is on my kitchen counter top. :)

  3. Another way of using your shot glass for a reason. Photo shot! :) I like it.

  4. Hahaa, thanks! the idea just popped in to my mind. :)

  5. But the truth is that i'm more interested on the shot glass, more then the egg placing on top of shot glass. :P