The Weekend Filler Post.

“It’s the weekends, the weekends…” to be sung in the tune of Friday by Rebecca Black.

So yes, the weekends have come and gone just like that. For the past 48 hours, I pretty much cannot recall much of anything useful that I had actually done. Yeap, I slacked off my weekends. Let just say it’s a bad habit of mine, because every time after I sat for any exams; be it a progress test, mock or finals, I must slack. Simply say, I’m really not in the mood to get back to the books. But I really have to, cause my final paper of an hour thirty minutes is on this coming Friday! And after that, I’m going to bogey down! Hehe. Anyway, I’ll post up a few pictures of what I ate and did during the weekends.

IMG_7268editresizeThis is my Dad’s attempt at making Tom Yam Fish, it would have been a nice meal if it was not for the fact that the fish was bitter! Apparently, the guy who cleaned the fish accidentally cut the bile, hence the bitter taste stuck on the fish.

IMG_7273editresize Can you see what I see? Mommy cooked a whole big fat juicy chicken for dinner! I have never been so happy before! Recently, mom hasn’t been cooking up some real delicious meals, maybe cause they take up a lot of time and effort. Nevertheless, the chicken was awesome! Hehe. Roast chicken is next. :)

IMG_7275I finally got to paint my right hand nails. Why finally? Simply because I loathe painting with my left hands, they always turn out ugly. Anyway, I just wanted to point out that the OPI Black Shatter looks almost ugly on short nails. :( Seriously. I’ll admit that I didn’t paint the shatter polish nicely but I really don’t like it on short nails. Wait, till you see them on my long nails in the upcoming Pink Campaign post! I swear you’ll love those.

Okays, that is all for now! I have a call with my loved one, waiting for me. :) Tata!

4714513952_d8d741e8e6_z By the way, I stumbled upon this picture on Tumblr and I cannot believe it is an Etude House polish! Which is why I’m running straight to Etude tomorrow to get it! Tee hee.

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