Have you Funkie-d today?

I know I did Funkie-fied my day today; and to be honest, recently it had became a norm to do so. My day would feel incomplete without getting my dose of Funkie news. My attention span is extremely short, so it’s was a blessing to get ‘bite-size’ news for breakfast. :)

Funkie Munkie

Ta-da! Funkie Munkie is the place to go to get all the Funkie news.

But, there is certainly more to Funkie Munkie than just quirky, out of this world ‘news’, as Funkie Munkie does keeps you updated on various competitions, reviews on latest games and oh, funky tech news. This website is definitely not your typical, run of the mill website. There will be something for everyone there! So head over to www.funkiemunkie.com.

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